Is Anele Mdoda rich?

Is Anele Mdoda rich?

As of 2020, Anele is assessed to have a net worth of $10 million. She earns her income mainly from being a radio personality and TV presenter and other endorsement deals.

Who is older between Anele and Thembisa?

Anele Mdoda’s sister Yes, Thembisa Mdoda and Anele Mdoda are related. They are sisters; Thembisa is the elder one. Thembisa was born on 16th November 1982 and at the time of writing this, she is thirty-nine years old.

Is somizi a Millionaire?

What is Somizi’s Net Worth? Currently, Somizi net worth sits at an estimated 5 million USD which is the equivalent of just over 70 million cool South African Rands. With this figure, the media personality is one of the richest entertainers in Mzanzi.

How old is thembisa?

39 years (November 16, 1982)Thembisa Mdoda / Age

Who is Anele boyfriend?

Love is in the air for Anele and her man, and we’re here for it! Take a look at some of the special and cute moments between the soon to be married couple. Congratulations to Anele Mdoda and Thoba Mkangisa!.

Who is richer between somizi and bonang?

South African entertainer and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo might have just revealed that he earns more money than his former bestie Bonang Matheba. Everyone knows just how talented Somizi , 44, is, but when it comes to being the most successful in the industry, does he reign supreme to the legendary Bonang, 29?

How much is somizi worth 2021?

Is Thembisa Mdoda a twin?

Thembisa Mdoda Family She and her sister, Anele Mdoda, are like two peas in a pod that are impossible to separate. They even have the same gap in their teeth. She is overjoyed that her father is still alive, and the two appear to have a close relationship.

What did Anele Mdoda say about Kelly Rowland?

“I don’t hate Kelly at all, I really don’t hate Kelly, I just don’t think she’s prettier than Beyoncé. There are many people you’d think are not prettier than the other one for years Michelle was called the ugly one in Destiny’s Child, no-one batted eyelids,” she said.

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