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Is Bajaj Discover coming back?

Is Bajaj Discover coming back?

The Discover and V ranges are no longer on Bajaj’s website; but the bikes have not been permanently axed and will return to the brand’s portfolio in a few months.

Why did Bajaj Discover fail?

Bajaj launched way too many Discovers; and in order to make the new model popular, they kept discontinuing older models silently. This made customers lose faith in the brand while existing owners became angry over having bought a model which was discontinued abruptly.

Why discover is discontinued?

Bajaj stops selling the Discover 125ST due to lack of demand. Bajaj Discover 125ST. Bajaj Auto recently pulled the plug on its flagship motorcycle, the 125ST, from the Discover family on the domestic front.

Is Bajaj Discover available in India?

Bajaj Discover 125 is now discontinued in India.

Is Discover 125 ST discontinued?

Bajaj Discover 125ST Discontinued The company’s decision maybe due to its poor performance in the market. The Discover 125ST was launched in May 2012 to target the buyers looking for a sporty option within a tight budget.

Why Bajaj Discover 125 ST discontinued?

How many models of Discover bikes are there?

Currently, the Bajaj have four variants under the successful Discover series and they include Discover 150, Discover 125, Discover 125 ST and Discover 100. The company has equipped with best bike engine technologies to Discover series of bikes, which mainly aims at the mileage and performance.

Is Discover 125 good bike?

This bike is awesome and the pick up is nice as I ride it. Its mileage is also good. It gives spacious comfort and its engine is also good. Its acceleration is also nice.

Is discover a good bike?

Totally not worth buying it. In the segment of 70000 i would recommend this bike it have sufficient power with efficient mileage. Bike gets great suspension.

What is the mileage of Discover 150cc?

Bajaj Discover 150S Specifications

Ex-Showroom Price* From ₹ 54,520 Onward (Expired)
Fuel Economy/Mileage 72 Km/l
Gears 5 Speed
Brake Disc,Drum
Fuel Tank Capacity 10.0 L

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