Is Brimfield flea market Cancelled?

Is Brimfield flea market Cancelled?

When the market was forced to close in 2020, we took the Brimfield Antique Flea Market to Instagram. Now the real Brimfield Antique Flea Market is open again and we’re excited to guide you to the best flea market in America.

How much does it cost to get into the Brimfield flea market?

free to
Many of the events are free to attend. Detailed information is available on this website. Brimfield, Massachusetts, home of the Brimfield Antique Flea Markets, is located in Central Massachusetts just west of the intersection of Rte. 84 and the Massachusetts turnpike (Rte.

What are the dates for the Brimfield flea market?

May 10 – 15, 2022.

What is Brimfield Antique Show?

For more than 50 years now, antique dealers and collectors have traveled from throughout the United States and abroad to attend the world famous Brimfield Flea Markets. The popular events are held three times each year, in May, July and September for a six day period each time.

Who owns the Brimfield flea market?

Klia Ververidis, owner of Brimfield Antique Shows Hertan’s field, purchased the field in January 2020. Three months later, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the upcoming show. “We love every show we do but there really is something very special about the Brimfield show,” she told MassLive.

Is Brimfield open May 2021?

The fair shut down in 2020, but in May 2021, the Brimfield board of selectmen allowed the operators to open their fields so long as they followed COVID-19 guidelines.

Is Brimfield cash only?

There are several ATMs in town if you need more cash. Many dealers do accept checks with proper ID and some also take credit cards.

What is the world’s largest flea market?

First Monday Canton | Canton, TX | World’s Largest Flea Market.

How many miles is Brimfield flea market?

The markets(shows) begin at a little over 7.0 miles and extend east for about a mile. BrimfieldExchange is located in our show booth, about 7.8 miles on the right (South) side of Route 20, opposite May’s Antique Market, and between J & J and Hertan’s. Paid parking is available along route 20 on both sides of the road.

How large is the Brimfield flea market?

Over 300 antique dealers on 22 acres of land, to be exact. “I want to see people recycle things and carry them on so our children will have an idea of what went on in the past,” 50 year antique dealer, Paul Young told 22News.

Is Brimfield Flea Market Rain or shine?

Overall there are plenty of booths to shop from 8am to 5pm. On the opening day (Tuesday) many booths open at 6am or earlier to satisfy the early birds. The events are held rain or shine.

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