Is Catrice Irish brand?

Is Catrice Irish brand?

German beauty brand CATRICE is inspired by the trends of the fashion capitals of the world.

Where can I find Catrice cosmetics?

Catrice cosmetics can be purchased online here at, the official online source for Catrice in the US! We can also be found on Amazon.

Is Catrice cosmetics sold in stores?

Consumers can find all the CATRICE Cosmetics products they love on the brand’s official Amazon store, as well as on

Did Catrice go out of business?

Catrice Cosmetics ended its five-year, exclusive retail partnership with Ulta at the end of 2021 to focus solely on DTC and Amazon starting this month.

Is Catrice makeup made in China?

Where are Catrice’s products made? “The majority of our products are produced in Europe but some are produced abroad. If you have questions about where specific items were manufactured, just ask and we will let you know!”

Does Catrice test on animals?

We say no to animal testing | CATRICE COSMETICS.

Is Catrice makeup safe?

Catrice Cosmetics, meanwhile, said its products go through a safety assessment before hitting the market, and that its internal ingredient standards “are stricter than European law.” The brand added that while it believes the ingredient in question — a common emulsifier that can contain trace amounts of a carcinogenic …

Is Catrice primer good?

It did everything that the Benefit primer does at a much more reasonable price. It goes on smooth, did minimize my pores, didn’t make my lines more noticeable, didn’t fight with my foundation or concealer and my makeup stayed on for a good 9 hours with very limited breakdown.

Does Catrice do animal testing?

Testing on animals is a no-go for Catrice. We do not conduct animal testing and do not commission anyone else to do so either. Not in the European union or anywhere else in the world. We never have and we never will.

Is Catrice cosmetics Organic?

Our Clean Beauty products contain a minimum of 75 % natural ingredients – but they do not have to be certified organic. To us, “clean” does not mean that the products have to conform to natural cosmetics, because natural cosmetics do not necessarily contain sustainable raw materials.

Is Catrice a clean beauty brand?

CLEAN ID is our gold standard of clean beauty: 100% Vegan with naturally derived ingredients, while progressing toward shorter ingredient lists and more sustainable packaging.

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