Is EMS CE legit?

Is EMS CE legit?

Widely Accepted Accredited by the Texas Department of Health and the California EMS Authority. CE Solutions is accepted in most states and by the NREMT.

Is Boundtree Capce approved?

Yes. Bound Tree University offers free EMS1 Academy courses that have been produced and approved by the EMS1 Academy, a CAPCE-accredited organization. Each course is approved for 1.0 hours of CE. Successful completion is automatically reported to CAPCE by EMS1 Academy.

Does Nremt accept CE solutions?

Is CE Solutions accepted by the NREMT? Absolutely! CE Solutions is an NREMT accepted CE provider and has been since 1998. The NREMT accepts continuing education that is State or CAPCE approved.

What is a Capce course on Nremt?

The Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) maintains standards for the delivery of emergency medical services (EMS) continuing education. It was chartered in 1992 to help students make informed decisions regarding the quality of educational activities.

Is Boundtree University legit?

Bound Tree University is dedicated to the continuing education of EMTs and Paramedics. Several online courses are FREE and have been accredited by the EMS1 Academy, a CAPCE accredited organization.

Is EMS1 Academy legit?

EMS1 Academy offers more than 180 full-length training courses and 225 hours of EMS continuing education credit accredited by the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CAPCE).

Is CE solutions accepted in California?

California accepts CE Solutions’ continuing education program and CE Solutions is a California CE Provider #94-4601. You may obtain your continuing education and recertify using CE Solutions.

What is local or state component Nremt?

LOCAL COMPONENT. The local component is developed and delivered at the local or state EMS level and represents 25% of. the recertification requirements for all provider levels. The topics may be determined by State EMS. Offices and EMS region directors (where applicable), however, if the state allows, agency-level.

How many times can I take the NREMT?

The NREMT allows three attempts to pass your exam before you have to take a refresher course. After an unsuccessful attempt, you will receive an email containing feedback on your failing score. This will show what areas were above passing, near passing, and below passing.

How do I renew my EMT license in California?

The State of California does not certify, renew or reinstate EMT certifications. This is done by the local EMS agency and other authorized certifying entities. Once the certification, renewal or reinstatement is processed, the certifying entity will issue the State EMT card.

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