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Is Fashion Fair makeup still in business?

Is Fashion Fair makeup still in business?

Fashion Fair, one of the first major cosmetics companies in the United States to create inclusive makeup products with deeper skin tones in mind, is relaunching its pioneering brand online today in partnership with Sephora.

Who owns Fashion Fair?

Desiree Rogers
Former Johnson Publishing executives Mayberry McKissack and Desiree Rogers bought Fashion Fair out of Johnson Publishing’s bankruptcy for $1.85 million in late 2019 with the help of Alec Litowitz, founder and CEO of Evanston-based hedge fund Magnetar Capital.

Is Fashion Fair makeup Black Owned?

New documentary captures legacy of Fashion Fair, one of the first Black-owned makeup lines. β€œThe Beauty of Blackness,” now available on HBO Max, follows the cross-generational journey of Fashion Fair, which launched in 1973 and was revitalized by new owners in 2019.

Is Fashion Fair cosmetics back?

The new Fashion Fair is more of a reboot than a revival: vegan, fragrance free, and, with many products at $37, a premium brand fighting for relevance in an increasingly crowded marketplace. In other words, it’s not your auntie’s cosmetics line anymore. The story of Fashion Fair starts with an empire.

Is Flori Roberts still alive?

Flori Roberts, who started out as a Broadway actress before walking away to create three national cosmetics companies and spending her final years as a Sarasota philanthropist and motivational speaker, has died. Roberts, ever the star, would not disclose her age to others, a practice her family is upholding in death.

Is Fashion Fair back on the market?

Last fall, thanks to Desiree Rogers, the Obamas’ former White House social secretary β€” the first Black woman ever to hold that role, though she didn’t hold it for long β€” Fashion Fair officially relaunched in 225 Sephora stores with actress KiKi Layne as its celebrity ambassador.

What is Desiree Rogers doing now?

As of 2019, Rogers is the CEO of Black Opal, a cosmetics company.

Is Flori Roberts black?

Flori Roberts has a comprehensive range of quality color cosmetics that include foundations, face powders, blush, eye and lip makeup. Flori Roberts is recognized as the premier cosmetic brand for African American women.

Who is Flora Roberts?

Flora Roberts, the powerful and protective literary agent whose long list of clients included Stephen Sondheim, Tina Howe, Alfred Uhry, Susan Stroman and Maury Yeston, died Dec. 12, 1998 at New York Hospital, according to the New York Times. She was 77.

Is John Rogers a billionaire?

(born March 31, 1958) is an American investor and founder of Ariel Capital Management (now Ariel Investments, LLC), founded in 1983. He is chairman and co-CEO of the company, which is the United States’ largest minority-run mutual fund firm….John Washington Rogers Jr.

John Rogers
Education Princeton University (BA)

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