Is Jason Mewes still friends with Kevin?

Is Jason Mewes still friends with Kevin?

They’ve been friends since childhood Mewes struggled with an addiction that interfered with their working and personal relationship. However, he got clean and sober, and Smith has always taken the time to celebrate his friend’s accomplishments (per ComicBook).

Why does Jay look different in the reboot?

The New Jersey native has never confirmed that he wears fake teeth, but social media followers have been commenting on his unnaturally perfect smile since 2010. It’s believed that Jason’s years of heroin use rotted his teeth, forcing him to get dentures.

Is Jay Mewes sober?

Currently sober for 11 years, the actor spoke candidly about his battle on the latest episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride! podcast. Mewes is best known for appearing in several of Smith’s films as half of the iconic Jay and Silent Bob duo.

Is Jason Mewes a stoner?

Jason Mewes, the “Jay” to Smith’s “Silent Bob,” says that’s very much by design in light of Colorado’s landmark passing of Amendment 64. I spoke with Mewes about being typecast as a stoner, and about how doing the show has helped him hang onto sobriety.

Where does Jay and Silent Bob live?

New Jersey
Dogma. The events in Dogma, released in 1999, take place after their disappointing adventure in the fictional Shermer, Illinois (the events of which are chronicled in the comic book story “Chasing Dogma”). Jay and Silent Bob decide to go back home to New Jersey.

How rich is Jason Mewes?

Jason Mewes’ net worth explored According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 47-year-old’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He has accumulated a lot of wealth from his career as an actor, writer, director, and producer. The Highlands, New Jersey native purchased a 1,505 sq. ft.

What’s wrong with Jay from Jay and Silent Bob?

Jason Mewes recently opened up about his substance addiction over the years and shared one particularly sad story that involved his best pal, filmmaker Kevin Smith. Currently sober for 11 years, the actor spoke candidly about his battle on the latest episode of Steve-O’s Wild Ride! podcast.

Why does Jennifer Garner not like Kevin Smith?

One of the reasons Garner might not care for Smith was because of his sense of humor. Affleck and Smith might have at one point vibed together because of their similar humor, but Garner just found Smith offensive.

Since then, Mewes and Kevin Smith have continued their friendship and film partnership as seen in Smith’s Clerks 3 set photo between the two men. Fans will see Jason Mewes and Smith’s dynamic in full effect have when the Clerks 2 sequel drops in 2022.

Is Jason Mewes daughter in the reboot?

Jay And Silent Bob Reboot is loaded with cameos from the likes of Chris Hemsworth, but it also features a key role for Jason Mewes’ daughter Logan.

Is Jason Mewes Kevin Smith’s son?

Jason Edward Mewes (born June 12, 1974) is an American actor, comedian, film producer, and podcaster. He is best known for playing Jay, the vocal half of the duo Jay and Silent Bob, in longtime friend Kevin Smith’s films….

Jason Mewes
Years active 1994–present
Spouse(s) Jordan Monsanto ​ ( m. 2009)​
Children 1

Does Jason Mewes have a daughter?

Logan Lee MewesJason Mewes / Daughter

Why did Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck stop being friends?

Kevin Smith once blamed himself for falling out with Ben Affleck. Kevin Smith admitted to his fans that he felt responsible for sabotaging his friendship with Ben Affleck. The revelation came in the form of a tweet, where a fan floated the idea of Smith directing The Batman.

Who is Silent Bob’s daughter?

Harley Quinn SmithKevin Smith / Daughter

Is it Jay’s real daughter in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot?

When Jay & Silent Bob are talking to Ben Affleck and he (Affleck) introduces his daughter. The little girl is actually Jason Mewes’ real-life daughter, Logan Lee Mewes.

Why does Jay’s face look different?

Is it Jay’s real daughter in Jay and Silent Bob reboot?

Does Kevin Smith have a kid?

Harley Quinn SmithKevin Smith / Children

Are Matt Damon and Kevin Smith friends?

While reflecting on the film’s success with Affleck, Damon said the film would not have been made without the help of their mutual friend Kevin Smith. Smith famously helped them by showing the “Good Will Hunting” script to his then-patron Harvey Weinstein, who went on to produce the film.

Who is Jay Mewes wife?

Jordan MonsantoJason Mewes / Wife (m. 2009)

Is Jay Mewes married?

Jordan MonsantoJason Mewes / Spouse (m. 2009)

Who is Harley Quinn dad?

Nicholas “Nick” Quinzel is a minor antagonist of the Harley Quinn animated series. He is Harley Quinn’s deadbeat father who is a greedy gambler and con artist.

Are Harley Quinn Smith and Lily Rose Depp still friends?

And it happened again when Smith decided to make the even weirder follow-up, Yoga Hosers, which premiered Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival. Smith’s daughter, Harley Quinn, and Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose, have been best friends since they met in kindergarten at 5.

Why was Randall not in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot?

His absence is explained in the beginning, when Dante (Brian O’Halloran) claims to the police that he can give them Randall’s location, suggesting that Randall has gone into hiding for something illegal. Anderson and Smith made amends shortly before Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was released.

What is Silent Bob’s name?

Jay and Silent Bob, sometimes presented as Jason “Jay” Derris and Robert “Silent Bob” Bluntowski, were born in Leonardo, New Jersey, in the 1970s, according to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Why Is Silent Bob silent?

“Really why Silent Bob is silent was because Jayson [Mewes] talks a lot. It was that simple,” said Smith. “I wanted to get Jayson in a movie, but I didn’t want him to stand there by himself just talking or talking to a random passerby.”

How did Will Smith meet Jason Mewes?

After high school, Smith attended The New School in New York City, but did not graduate. Smith met Jason Mewes while working at a youth center; they became friends after discovering a mutual interest in comic books. On his 21st birthday, Smith saw Richard Linklater ‘s comedy Slacker.

Is Kevin Smith working on a Mallrats 2?

^ Wales, George (March 12, 2015) “Is Kevin Smith working on a Mallrats sequel?”. GamesRadar. ^ Lyons, Matt (March 14, 2015). “Kevin Smith Confirms Mallrats 2 Is Coming, Clerks III Begins Filming In May” Archived September 14, 2018, at the Wayback Machine.

Did Kevin Smith kiss Jennifer Schwalbach?

In a 2005 issue of Total Film, a comic strip illustrating Kevin Smith’s version of the Passion of the Christ was published, featuring Jay and Silent Bob in the final panel. In 2001, The New York Times ran a comic book telling how Smith met and first kissed his wife Jennifer Schwalbach Smith.

Who is the real Kevin Smith in the Smiths?

They bring Milly and Shan Yu on stage to film the scene, but Shan Yu sees through their ruse and knocks Bob unconscious, bringing out the real Kevin Smith. Bob is thrown out of the hall and Shan Yu reveals herself to be a Russian spy, bent on destroying American pop culture conventions. Jay reveals to Milly that he is her father.

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