Is Jill Summers still alive?

Is Jill Summers still alive?

January 11, 1997Jill Summers / Date of death

How did Phyllis leave Coronation Street?

Phyllis left the street when she moved from her bungalow at 4 Gorton Close to the Mayfield Court retirement complex in 1996.

When did Percy Sugden leave Coronation Street?

October 1997
Two years into retirement, aged 67, Waddington played his best known role of cantankerous pensioner Percy Sugden in Coronation Street from August 1983 until quitting the serial in October 1997, citing the soap had become too raunchy.

Who was Percy Sugden in Coronation Street?

Bill Waddington

Percy Sugden
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Bill Waddington
Duration 1983–1997
First appearance 22 August 1983

Who has a blue rinse in Coronation Street?

A decade later, in 1982, Summers reappeared as Phyllis Pearce, a blue rinsed pensioner, forever lusting after pompous ex-serviceman Percy Sugden. It was during her second stint in Coronation Street that she was reunited with Bill Waddington and Tom Mennard, two old friends from her music hall days.

Is Bill Waddington still alive?

September 9, 2000Bill Waddington / Date of death

Who had purple hair in Corrie?

Jill Summers
Phyllis Pearce was a character in Coronation Street from 1982 to Ep 4007 – 1 May 1996. She was the purple haired cafe waitress. Phyllis was played by Jill Summers.

Who plays Mavis in Coronation Street?

Thelma Barlow
Thelma Barlow (née Pigott) is an English television actress and writer, most famous for her roles as Mavis Wilton in the long-running ITV soap opera Coronation Street and as Dolly Bellfield in the sitcom Dinnerladies. Thelma Barlow was born in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, the younger of two daughters.

Was Elizabeth Bradley really in a wheelchair?

Abled bodied [she never needed a wheelchair in real life] Elizabeth Bradley was born in Hamstead, London in 1922, the younger of two daughters born to senior civil servant Sir John Abraham.

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