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Is Juniority a word?

Is Juniority a word?

This shows grade level based on the word’s complexity. the state or fact of being junior in age, rank, standing, etc.

What is the antonym of demotion?

What is the opposite of demotion?

balkiness contrariness
insubordination intractability
noncompliance obstreperousness
rebelling rebellion
rebelliousness recalcitrance

What is another term for seniority?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for seniority. precedence, preference, prerogative, privilege.

What are some antonyms for hierarchy?

antonyms for hierarchical

  • disordered.
  • free-for-all.

What is the best antonym for demote?

antonyms for demote

  • increase.
  • mend.
  • raise.
  • strengthen.
  • upgrade.
  • improve.
  • promote.
  • rate.

What’s the opposite of promotion?

Opposite of the action of promoting or being promoted to a higher position or rank. demotion. abatement. cut. decline.

What is the difference between tenure and seniority?

Seniority is different from tenure, in that it measures the worker’s tenure relative to the tenure of her colleagues. The worker’s seniority is thus her rank in the tenure hierarchy of the firm.

What is the synonym of tenure?

tenancy, occupancy, holding, occupation, residence. possession, title, ownership, proprietorship. 2’his tenure as Secretary of State for Industry’ incumbency, term of office, term, period in office, period of office, time, time in office.

What does non hierarchical mean?

Definition of nonhierarchical : not hierarchical especially : not divided into, organized by, or involving different levels of importance or status a nonhierarchical organization/structure All great groups have extraordinary leaders.

What is the synonym and antonym of hierarchy?

graded, ranked, stratified. arranged in a sequence of grades or ranks. vertical. of or relating to different levels in a hierarchy (as levels of social class or income group) Antonyms: nonhierarchic, nonhierarchical.

What is meant by the word dethrone?

Definition of dethrone transitive verb. : to remove from a throne or place of power or prominence dethrone a king trying to dethrone the champion.

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