Is Kangen water machine a pyramid scheme?

Is Kangen water machine a pyramid scheme?

Kangen Water is not a pyramid scheme, despite what others might be saying. As you can see, Kangen Water has many different kinds of water machines to sell.

Is Darren and Mike a scam?

The that identifies scams also lists the network run by Mike and Darren as a scam. The site says it has noticed that recently that the Asian market is flooded with ‘Online Digital Business’. The ads come from different people, and it is not one person. But it is all a chain of affiliates.

Is Enagic a legit company?

Enagic is an MLM SCAM The machines they sell are over priced and worthless which is why you’ll see so many people listing new machines below the value Enagic assigns to them on sites like ebay.

Is Kangen FDA approved?

There are many ionizers on the market, but Enagic’s Kangen machine is the only one known as a medical device. It has been FDA-approved for therapeutic use. This distinction means that it is not just a “water ionizer” but rather a “medical device.” It can be prescribed by doctors and used in hospitals.

Does Six Figure Mentors work?

The bottom line is, Six Figure Mentors is not a scam. In my opinion, it is a high-ticket scheme best for those on the top (and it’s really hard to get there). You will need to invest a lot of money into this scheme to have some chances for success. That said, I’m not happy to recommend it.

Is the Dream Team an MLM?

The Dream Team is a training organization for people in network marketing and MLM businesses.

Is Enagic FDA approved?

How much money do Enagic distributors make?

Average Enagic USA Distributor yearly pay in the United States is approximately $77,657, which is 67% above the national average. Salary information comes from 12 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

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