Is Le Diplomate expensive?

Is Le Diplomate expensive?

That’s why, even though the costs are “staggering,” it’s a must-have menu item for Le Diplomate. “We’re almost paying people to eat the dish, it’s so horrifyingly expensive,” Washington says. “But what it does is build the whole experience. It’s a treat.

Is there a dress code at Le Diplomate?

No specific dress code. Go casual, as you are.

Does Le Diplomate take walk ins?

Surprisingly not impossible! It’s been officially open for less than week, but reservations at Le Diplomate, the sparkling new French restaurant at 14th and Q streets NW, are already extremely scarce.

Who owns Le Diplomate?

Stephen Starr
Stephen Starr, accomplished restauranteur and owner of the D.C. institution Le Diplomate, will open an Italian restaurant and market in the shuttered Dean & DeLuca space on Georgetown’s M Street NW. Washingtonian first reported the news.

Is Le Diplomate famous?

Le Diplomate may be a big hit, but the tiny, chef-owned Rose’s Luxury on Capitol Hill was the only D.C. spot nominated in the Best New Restaurant category.

Is Le Diplomate kid friendly?

If France isn’t in the books for this year’s family vacation, then a trip to Le Diplomate might be a good compromise. This swank Dupont Circle brasserie is a step back in time that appeals for its warm decor and elevated French menu.

Does Le Diplomate have outdoor heaters?

Le Diplomate’s patio is open year-round and outfitted with heat lamps and blankets and encloses half of it for guests who need more protection from the elements.

When did Le Diplomate open?

It opened in 2005 but looks like it’s been there 100 years. It’s the one restaurant that Starr keeps open during snowstorms when everything else shuts down, because regulars mush through the drifts to eat there.

How far in advance can you make reservations at Le Diplomate?

11 answers. The take reservations 1 month, to the day, of when you want to dine there. So if you want to eat there March 1st, go to the website or call them on February 1st. It is worth it!

Who owns Butcher and Singer?

PHILADELPHIA, PA (October 2, 2008) – Restaurateur Stephen Starr will open Butcher and Singer, a steak and chop house, in late October. Butcher and Singer will be an intimate and sophisticated dining experience in a relaxed clubhouse setting.

How long has Le Diplomate been in business?

What happened at Le Diplomate?

Diners fled from the buzzy 14th Street dining room of Le Diplomate Sunday night after a man jumped on the fully seated bar and started smashing bottles and glasses. Police arrested the man on site, and he is being charged with destruction of more than $1,000 worth of property. No injuries have been reported.

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