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Is Natalia Barnett really a child?

Is Natalia Barnett really a child?

She’s an orphan from Ukraine, who was first adopted by a New Hampshire family in 2008. That adoption didn’t work out, so the Barnetts adopted Natalia in 2010. The adoption was completed in November 2010, which made Natalia 7 years old at the time the Barnetts adopted her, according to her Ukrainian birth records.

How old is Natalia Barnett Really?

In 2019, she and the Mans sat down with Dr. Phil. There, she said that Kristine and Michael’s version of the story “was not true at all.” Natalia also flatly denied that she was an “adult scam artist.” Indeed, a bone density test from 2010 seems to show that Natalia was in fact eight years old.

Where is Natalia The dwarf now?

Natalia Grace now lives with another Indiana couple and their five children, the Mans family, according to the Antwon Mans, 36, is ordained as a pastor and lives in a former church parsonage with his wife Cynthia, 39, and children.

Did Michael and Kristine Barnett go to jail?

Kristine and Michael Barnett were charged with six counts of neglect of a dependent and two counts of conspiracy to commit neglect of a dependent. Six of the eight charges brough against the Barnetts were dismissed in 2019, and upheld Aug. 25.

Is Natalia really 16?

The couple, who divorced in 2014, have claimed in their defense that shortly after they adopted Natalia, they began to believe she was an adult, so they changed her birth records on June 22, 2012, making her 22 years old in the eyes of the law.

How old is Natalia the dwarf?

Is orphan based on Natalia?

They adopted a six-year-old girl from Ukraine whose name was Natalia Grace, who had a rare form of dwarfism which made walking difficult for her. She had already been living in the USA for 2 years before she came into their care, however, the previous family let her go from their care for undisclosed reasons.

Where is Natalia Grace Barnett now?

Because of this, the Barnetts moved Natalia into her own apartment in Lafayette and helped her obtain federal disability benefits to aid her transition into adult life, court documents say.

Is the orphan based on Natalia?

How old is Natalia Bennett?

Natalia denied the Barnetts’ allegations that she’s a scam artist who tried to poison Kristine Barnett, and maintained that she is 16 years old — the age that corresponds with the year of birth on her Ukrainian birth certificate. Natalia said she felt loved and was happy when the Barnetts first adopted her.

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