Is Python good for boots?

Is Python good for boots?

Durability: Python is the most durable species of snake to use for boots. It’s tougher than you’d think based on its looks, but isn’t as hardy as cowhide or Teju lizard. So don’t go crazy.

How long do python boots last?

This article has been viewed 20,406 times. Properly cleaning and conditioning your snakeskin boots can help them last a lifetime. Since they’re made of exotic material, they require special care and need to be treated differently than their regular leather counterparts.

Are python boots comfortable?

Why Wear Them? Aside from giving you that classic badass look, snakeskin boots also happen to be incredibly comfortable. Because snakeskin leather is softer and more supple than traditional cowhide leather, they are lightweight and flexible.

How long does python leather last?

With attention to the preservation and maintenance of your accessories, snakeskin can last for decades. On occasion you can find vintage python bags that are between 40 and 50 years old, so a little care goes a long way in extending the lifespan and beauty of your scaly accessories.

Can python boots get wet?

Snake scales are waterproof, so any extra water falls into the membranes around them. This can damage the membranes and shorten the life of your boots.

How do you preserve python boots?

Keep the boots out of the sun, store them in a temperature controlled environment and don’t store them in plastic, as snakeskin needs to breathe. Take care of your boots while you’re wearing them and when you’re not and your python skin boots will last for years.

Are snake skins worth anything?

Although snakeskin is everywhere, the real, authentic snakeskin is rare. Real snake skin items such as hand bags can run as high as $15,000USD, while snakeskin boots average about $2000USD. Even faux snakeskin (python print on real leather) boots can go as high as $1500, making this trend an expensive one.

Are snakeskin boots actually snakeskin?

However, snakeskin is exotic, delicate and very narrow in size. The length of a piece of genuine snakeskin hide usually range from 40-50″ long, 4-5.5″ wide. So next time when you see a boot or bootie claimed to be real snakeskin and without connection seams on the upper, chances are it is faux snakeskin.

Can you get python leather wet?

If your snakeskin leather does get wet, don’t worry! Simply dry the water off with a dry, white cotton or flannel cloth. If you don’t have one of these handy, using tissue to gently blot up the moisture will work. Also, always wipe in the direction of the scales.

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