Is Santa Ponsa a Celtic?

Is Santa Ponsa a Celtic?

Santa Ponsa is a natural place for The Celtic Convention and you will find a very big welcome awaiting you here but just watch out for the rip off places and stay safe when it comes to drinking and eating, there are no real hygene laws in Spain and from our experience places like The Dubliner follow the laws loosely …

Does Santa Ponsa have good nightlife?

The night life is quite good in Santa Ponsa. It is a small enough resort but theres lots of choice and they are all quite close together. There are 3 night clubs (Disco Inferno, Kitty O Sheas and Fama) Disco Inferno is probably the best.

Does Santa Ponsa have a strip?

Santa Ponsa Nightlife The main strip of Santa Ponsa, which is called Ramon de Montcada is the liveliest area of the resort and there are wide range of dining and wining opportunities for the holidaymakers.

How much is a taxi from Palma airport to Santa Ponsa?

€45 30min

Welcome Pickups €45 30min
Taxi €45 30min
Bus €14 35min

What is Santa Ponsa known for?

The main event in Santa Ponsa is the Festes del Rei en Jaume, a celebration in reference to the aforementioned King Jaume I conquest in 1229. It is held at the beginning of September and the star attraction is the mock battle between the ‘Moors’ and the ‘Christians’, generally held on Saturday.

Is Santa Ponsa near Ibiza?

The distance between Santa Ponsa and Ibiza Town is 113 km.

What is the Magaluf strip called?

Punta Ballena
Magaluf is globally known for its “Magaluf Strip“. This name refers to a Mallorca street called Punta Ballena and popular with tourists, especially British ones, as The Strips.

Is Majorca good for nightlife?

Majorca offers very lively night clubs to choose from. Magaluf and Palma is home to majority of the greatest night clubs on the island. BCM Planet Dance is the largest nightclub on the island, and located at the popular holiday resort of Magaluf. The club has also been nominated the 5th best club in the World.

How much is a taxi from Magaluf to Santa Ponsa?

€11 – €14
The quickest way to get from Magaluf to Santa Ponsa is to taxi which costs €11 – €14 and takes 8 min.

How long is transfer from Palma to Santa Ponsa?

A transfer from Majorca Palma Airport to Santa Ponsa takes only 35 minutes when you book a Private Taxi transfer, 45 minutes with a Speedy Shuttle and approximately 55 minutes with a low cost Shuttle. Santa Ponsa airport transfers will take you safely and securely from and to your accommodation.

Is Santa Ponsa or Magaluf better?

Magaluf is edgier, noisier, dirtier, bigger and more aggressive, and it has what Santa Ponsa does not: “the Strip”, or Punta Ballena, a frenetic neon-lit street lined with lap-dancing clubs, tattoo parlours, bars, clubs and fast-food restaurants.

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