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Is the cycles approach evidence based?

Is the cycles approach evidence based?

The cycles approach is an evidence-based way to treat phonological disorders in children. Developed by Barbara Hodson, it treats sound patterns and processes instead of individual sounds. Error patterns might include not saying both sounds in a cluster or omitting the final consonants.

What is Hodson cycles approach?

The Cycles Approach (Hodson & Paden, 1983, 1991) addresses a child’s use of phonological processes by cyclically targeting affected sound classes. A different process is targeted every one to two weeks and two to four processes are targeted within a cycle.

Who is the cycles approach good for?

It is one of the most common methods to treat preschool- and school-age children who use phonological processes, meaning error patterns, in speech.

How do you implement cycle approach?

Cycles sessions usually take an hour and consist of 7 steps:

  1. Review words from the last session.
  2. Auditory bombardment (1-2 minutes).
  3. Introduction of target words for the session (usually 5-6 words).
  4. Play games requiring the child to practice the target words.
  5. Probe for next session targets.
  6. Repeat auditory bombardment.

What are the primary patterns in the cycles approach?

In the cycles approach, therapists treat phonological processes, which are error patterns in children’s speech. For example, some children delete all consonants off the ends of words. This is called “final consonant deletion” and is a specific pattern of speech errors. This is considered a phonological process.

How do you select targets for cycles approach?

Choosing Targets: Stimulate any non-stimulable sounds for a few minutes during sessions until they become stimulable (& always facilitate liquids if they are not stimulable). The targeted patterns within the cycle are used to stimulate emergence of a specific sound or pattern in spontaneous language, not mastery of it.

When do you use Cycle therapy?

The cycles approach to speech therapy is intended for children who meet the following criteria:

  1. Highly unintelligible (very difficult to understand)
  2. Frequently leave out or omit speech sounds.
  3. Replace some sounds with other sounds.
  4. Don’t use very many different consonant sounds.

When do we use minimal pairs approach?

The Minimal Pairs Approach is suitable for children with mild or moderate speech sound disorders, with one or two phonological processes that are no longer age-appropriate. It can also be used with people who are looking to modify their accent.

What are minimal pairs good for?

Minimal Pairs are used in the classroom to improve and assist students with the pronunciation of words in a language. Hearing the component sounds is necessary in order to distinguish between the different meanings of two similar-sounding words.

What are minimal pairs and give 5 examples?

Minimal pair

word 1 word 2 note
seal zeal initial consonant
bin bean vowel
pen pan
cook kook

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