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Is Truelearn enough for Absite?

Is Truelearn enough for Absite?

Another great resource for ABSITE studying is Truelearn where they have predictive smartbanks that give you the questions to need to master your knowledge deficits.

How often do you take the Absite?

The program will be required to administer the ABSITE to all of their residents on the first day of the exam window for the next three years.

What is passing Absite score?

The majority (70/89 or 79%) of the programs used a 30th percentile score as the minimum passing score. 88/111 (79%) programs had a remedial process for residents with poor performance on ABSITE.

How long do Absite results take?

A minimum of 2 business days is required for ABS to process the change and upload the change to ITS. Same-day changes will not be accepted.

How do I prepare for Absite?

Find a source of questions, either an online question bank or book. Do as many questions as possible and do them consistently. Even a small quizlet of 10-15 questions every day will help keep your mental muscles well-exercised. There are only so many ways to ask about the same topics.

How do I get my Absite score?

How are results reported? ABSITE results are made available only to the general surgery program that ordered and paid for the examination. Results are not provided to individual residents or non-resident examinees.

What is Absite surgery?

The ABSITE (American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination) is an annual in-training exam used to evaluate general surgery trainees. Trainees are notified of the date of their exam (usually the exam is late January to early February) at the start of the academic year.

How long is the surgery Absite?

The ABSITE is a five-hour computerized exam given in one block. It is administered using each program’s own computer facilities. Breaks are allowed at any point during the exam. The ABSITE covers a range of topics based on the SCORE Curriculum Outline for General Surgery.

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