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Is Urbanista a good brand?

Is Urbanista a good brand?

TechRadar Verdict The Urbanista Stockholm true wireless earphones look very stylish, but they lack great sound quality. For those not too fussed about strong sounds, they’re a good choice, but for everyone else, there are better options out there.

Where is Urbanista based?

Stockholm-based lifestyle audio brand Urbanista has been busy developing two new products to add to the company’s growing list of headphones and earphones, all named after great cities around the world.

How much is Urbanista?

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Who makes Urbanista?

Looks like it’s just one colour for now, though – a solar panel-disguising midnight black. But other colours are coming as Exeger, the Swedish company behind the material in the headband, says it can be made different hues. “I was sceptical in the beginning,” says Anders Andreen, the CEO of Urbanista.

How good are Urbanista earphones?

They sound good, but very bass-heavy with no adjustments available. The noise-cancelling is reasonable, but can’t touch market leaders. The Bluetooth connection and controls are good, but they lack a 3.5mm analogue headphones socket and crushed my ears a little.

Are Urbanista Stockholm waterproof?

Urbanista Stockholm Plus True Wireless Earbuds – Over 20 Hours Playtime, IPX4 Waterproof Earphones, Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones, Touch Controls & Enhanced Microphone for Clear Calling, Titanium. Learn more about free returns.

How do I pair my Urbanista?

Tokyo – FAQs

  1. Remove both earphones from the charging case.
  2. They will turn on automatically – the Left earphone will pair with the Right earphone, and the Right earphone will go into pairing mode (blinking red and blue lights) to pair with the desired device.

Does Urbanista have an app?

The Urbanista app is the perfect companion for your Urbanista headphones- allowing you to customize and personalize your Urbanista experience.

Do Urbanista headphones have a microphone?

Microphone Quality The quality of the microphones on the Urbanista Miami headphones is great, if you need to make voice memos or take a phone call with these headphones on, you’ll have no problem. The microphone managed to pick my voice up clearly and to a good volume.

How do you answer a call Urbanista?

A double-tap on the left will play/pause a track and summon your digital assistant on the right. You can answer or reject a call by tapping on either earbud twice.

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