Is Visions in Education a good school?

Is Visions in Education a good school?

Visions in Education 2021 Rankings Visions in Education is ranked #4151-5534 in California Elementary Schools and ranked #1692 in California Middle Schools. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation, and how well they prepare their students for high school.

Is Visions in Education a charter school?

Visions In Education is a free public charter school offering TK-12 students the freedom to make their dreams a reality.

What county is Visions in Education?

Visions In Education

County Sacramento
District San Juan Unified
School Visions In Education
CDS Code 34 67447 3430717
School Address 5030 El Camino Ave. Carmichael, CA 95608-4650 Google Map Link opens new browser tab

What is it like to work for Visions in Education?

Great Place to Work! I have a lot of flexibility and am in the field a lot serving the families we have enrolled. We are able to meet the needs of our students by having the ability to do whatever it takes to help them. The organization is very solvent and on board with making education a priority for our students.

Is online school free in California?

How do K12-powered online schools in California work? K12-powered online public schools in California are tuition-free,** offer you and your child flexibility. and combine physical materials and online tools to provide your child with a personalized education.

How much money do you get for homeschooling in California?

The state of California offers me, a homeschooling parent, $2600/year in educational funds for each of my kids. I, along with so many other homeschooling families in California, have crafted a customized and well-rounded education that reflects our family’s interests, priorities, learning styles, and values.

How can I homeschool for free in California?

Check With Your Public School District Many public school districts in California offer homeschool and virtual academy programs. Some also offer in-person classes that students can attend. Contact your local school district to find out if they have a homeschooling program.

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