Was Chevy Citation a good car?

Was Chevy Citation a good car?

One of Chevy’s most influential, though long-forgotten cars is the Citation. Manufactured between 1980 and 1985, the Chevy Citation was a best-seller, and among the first X-body compact cars offered as mainstream front-wheel drive vehicles to consumers.

What was the Pontiac version of the Chevy Citation?

Pontiac Phoenix
For 1980 GM debuted the new X-body, which took the form of the Citation from Chevrolet, the Pontiac Phoenix, and the Buick Skylark.

What year did the Chevy Citation come out?

The Chevrolet Citation is a range of compact cars that was produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors. The first Chevrolet sold with front-wheel drive, a single generation of the Citation was sold from the 1980 to 1985 model years.

What is a Chevette car?

The Chevrolet Chevette is a front-engine, rear-drive subcompact manufactured and marketed by Chevrolet for model years 1976–1987 as a three-door or five-door hatchback. Introduced in September 1975, the Chevette superseded the Vega as Chevrolet’s entry-level subcompact, and sold 2.8 million units over 12 years.

What cars did Chevy made in the 80’s?

10 Best Chevrolets Of The ’80s And How Much They Cost Today

  • 4 1987 Sprint Turbo – $4,000.
  • 5 Chevrolet C10 truck – $13,900.
  • 6 1986 Corvette Indy 500 Pace car – $13,000.
  • 7 1985 Camaro IROC-Z – $9,000.
  • 8 1983 Monte Carlo SS – $14,000.
  • 9 1980 Chevrolet EL Camino – $12,000.
  • 10 1984 Corvette C4 – $10,000.

What was the first GM unibody car?

Opel Olympia of 1935
The Chrysler Airflow and the Citroen Traction Avant of 1934 used stressed body panels, and the Opel Olympia of 1935 was General Motors’ first unibody car.

What is a Citation car?

A traffic citation, also called an auto citation or a ticket, is a written notice that you receive from a law enforcement officer. The citation explains what you did wrong, whether it was speeding, disregarding a stop sign or another violation.

What was the most popular car in the 1980s?

These Were America’s Most Popular Cars… In The ’80s

  1. 1 1989: Honda Accord – 362,707 units sold.
  2. 2 1988: Ford Escort – 381,330 units sold.
  3. 3 1987: Ford Escort – 392,360 units sold.
  4. 4 1986: Chevrolet Celebrity – 408,946 units sold.
  5. 5 1985: Chevrolet Cavalier – 422,927 units sold.

When did Chevy stop using wood?

1935 Chevy Gets Wood Removed- Deforestation Part II.

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