What are bowl shaped depressions called?

What are bowl shaped depressions called?

A crater is a bowl-shaped depression, or hollowed-out area, produced by the impact of a meteorite, volcanic activity, or an explosion.

When the ground collapses it forms a large bowl shaped depression called?

Calderas vary in size from one to 100 kilometers (0.62 to 62 miles) in diameter. Some calderas form a lake as the bowl-shaped depression fills with water. A famous example is Crater Lake, in Oregon. This caldera formed about 7,000 years ago when a stratovolcano, Mt.

What term describes a bowl shaped depression at the top of a volcano?

A volcanic crater is an approximately circular depression in the ground caused by volcanic activity. It is typically a bowl-shaped feature within which contains either multiple vents or a singular vent.

What happens to the crater after volcanic eruption?

Crater wall material collapses where degassing is concentrated and eruptions blow out material from the crater floor. These changes sustain a crater shape similar to other summit craters that formed by collapse into an evacuated magma chamber.

What are the different types of craters?

Simple craters are small, bowl-shaped craters with smooth walls. Complex craters are larger craters. They have features such as central peaks and stepped sides. The Moon’s Copernicus Crater is a complex crater.

What is called the cup or bowl shaped opening of a volcano?

The crater is the bowl shaped opening located at the top of the volcano.

What’s the name for a bowl like hollow formed after a volcanic collapse?

When an erupting volcano empties a shallow-level magma chamber, the edifice of the volcano may collapse into the voided reservoir, thus forming a steep, bowl-shaped depression called a caldera (Spanish for kettle or cauldron). These features are highly variable in size, ranging from 1-100 km in diameter.

What is a bowl shaped depression at the head of a glacial valley?

Cirque. A bowl-shaped, amphitheater-like depression eroded into the head or the side of a glacier valley. Typically, a cirque has a lip at its lower end.

What is a volcano crater called?

Photograph. 1/6. Background Info Vocabulary. A caldera is a depression created after a volcano releases the majority of the contents of its magma chamber in an explosive eruption. Without any structural support below, the land around the erupting volcanic vent or vents collapses inwardly, creating the bowl-shaped …

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