What are Coolmax socks?

What are Coolmax socks?

Designed for all seasons, the Coolmax no show socks wick moisture away from your feet to keep you dry. Whether you’re cycling, jogging, walking, or working out at the gym, the moisture-wicking Coolmax/nylon/spandex yarns provide a durable and performance-driven alternative to everyday, moisture-soaking cotton socks.

Are Bridgedale socks good?

The whole range of Bridgedale socks are excellent. They are definitely the best hiking socks I have ever used in over 25 years of hiking. Each pair performs very well indeed for many years. Even if you have to put them on wet whilst up a mountain, they warm up quickly and are preferable to other socks.

What are sock liners?

Sock liners are made of a thin polyester or lightweight wool material that help wick sweat away from your feet. You wear them under your thicker hiking sock and are mainly recommended as a preventive measure to getting blisters.

What is COOLMAX made of?

COOLMAX is a specially engineered type of polyester exclusively produced by Invista, an American textile corporation. This polyester fabric consists of fibers that are carefully engineered to wick moisture and allow the passage of heat.

What is the benefits of COOLMAX technology?

A Coolmax Mattress solves the problem of heat build-up, which is the most common complaint with memory foam mattresses. Coolmax fabric whisks away moisture as well as or better than any other natural fibre. This allows your body to regulate its core temperature without expending a lot of extra energy.

Where are Bridgedale socks made?

Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd is located at the tip of the Strangford Lough, Newtownards, near Belfast in Northern Ireland under the shadow of the Scrabo Tower which was built as a monument to Lord Londonderry. The factory here has been knitting socks in Newtownards since WW1, when the first army socks were made.

How do you clean waterproof socks?

To wash waterproof socks all you need to do is turn them inside out and soak them in warm soapy water, that’s it! Waterproof socks are impervious to water, so you can’t simply throw them in the washing machine and expect them to come out clean and ready to wear.

Is COOLMAX toxic?

The production of COOLMAX fibers involves formaldehyde, which is a potent neurotoxin.

Is COOLMAX breathable?

A CoolMax Memory Foam Mattress is made from innovative 21st Century materials. The breathable fibres that make up the CoolMax fabric disperse moisture to keep your skin cool and dry all night long.

Is COOLMAX a brand?

The COOLMAX® brand is a family of polyester fibers that are designed to help you beat the heat. This cooling technology creates clothing with permanent moisture-wicking performance.

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