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What are some activities at Yale?

What are some activities at Yale?

The block of text below is filled with clickable links to explore some of Yale’s many student-led organizations.

  • A Cappella. Baker’s Dozen (link is external)
  • Academic. Club Geo.
  • Arts. Bulldog Productions (link is external)
  • Athletics. Club Badminton.
  • Business & Entrepreneurship. China Economic Forum.
  • Comedy.
  • Culinary.
  • Cultural.

What do students do for fun at Yale?

Yale has very strong art and music programs, so there are always student art showings, orchestral concerts, and exhibits up at the University Art Gallery and the Center for British Art. In addition to all this, there is a constant stream of guest speakers, Masters’ Teas (famous/cool people come to chat), and debates.

Does Yale have fun parties?

There are so many different types of events on campus and an endless number of people to meet. In addition to parties thrown by fraternities and sororities, there are events organized by individuals, clubs, residential colleges and New Haven in general.

What are some of Yale’s traditions?

Student life at Yale College is steeped in many special traditions developed over the centuries.

  • YSO Halloween Concert.
  • The Game.
  • First-Year Day of Service and Dwight Hall Bazaar.
  • Holiday Dinner.
  • First-Year Dance.
  • Spring Fling.
  • Class Day.

Is there a dress code at Yale?

Yale’s dress code is pretty standard fare for the New York City private club scene: “business casual”—a concept as elusive as the Ivy League admissions process—and a byzantine maze of rules about where jeans can and cannot be worn, followed by a call for “neat, respectful appearance.”

What is the sister school to Harvard?

The Seven Sister Schools

Institution Location Full-time enrollment
Wellesley College Wellesley, Massachusetts 2,300
Smith College Northampton, Massachusetts 2,750
Radcliffe College (originally The Harvard Annex) Cambridge, Massachusetts n/a
Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 1,229

What is a buttery at Yale?

Each residential college at Yale has a buttery. It is a late-night cafe with cheap food for purchase and fun basement games like foosball, ping-pong, and billiards. Tip: The Buttery is cash only, so make sure to bring your change!

What is the Yale motto?

Lux et veritasYale University / Motto
If you have gathered this much wisdom, then it probably does not escape you that our school motto is “Urim and Thummim,” which is Hebrew for “Lux et Veritas,” which in turn is just Latin for “Light and Truth.” Emblazoned in the Yale seal, in these two ancient languages, the words convey the most concise and rudimentary …

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