What are the disadvantages of content based instruction?

What are the disadvantages of content based instruction?

Disadvantages of CBI The content adds to student interest in the subject Students may feel confused as CBI isn’t explicitly focused on language learning. It helps students develop a wider knowledge. Difficulties with a topic may lead to large amounts of mother tongue language being used.

What are the advantages of using content based instruction?

Content Based Instruction is Student Centered Content Based Language Instruction is able to be Student Centered much more than traditional methods because it allows us to explore those things that are students are interested in and what their cognitive needs are.

What is content based instruction?

Content-Based Instruction (CBI) refers to an approach to second language teaching in which teaching is organized around the content or information that students will acquire, rather than around a linguistic or other type of syllabus.

How does content-based instruction increase student motivation?

It seems that the most signifi- cant factor behind the success of content-based instruction is the increase in motivation that students feel when the topics, materials, and activities used in class are relevant, meaningful, interesting, and useful to them and in present and future.

What are the characteristics of content based instruction?

One of the main characteristics of the CBI class- room is that it is learner-centered, not teacher-centered. Students do not depend on the teacher to control the learning experience. Students play a more active role in the CBI classroom, creating and participating actively in the construction of knowledge.

How does content based instruction increase student motivation?

How effective is content based instruction?

The t-test analysis revealed that for teaching English to these students who are non-native English speakers, CBI was more effective than the conventional method and the CBI students developed their language skills as well as gaining access to new concepts through meaningful content.

What is the main assumption of Content-Based Instruction?

According to Richards and Rodgers (2001), CBI is based on two relevant principles: (1) People learn a second language more successfully when they use the language as a means of acquiring infor- mation, rather than as an end in itself. (2) CBI better reflects learners’ needs for learning a second language.

How does content-based instruction give intrinsic motivation?

The theory behind CBI is that when students are engaged with more content, it will promote intrinsic motivation. Students will be able to use more advanced thinking skills when learning new information and will focus less on the structure of the language.

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