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What are the symptoms of a gastric volvulus?

What are the symptoms of a gastric volvulus?

GASTRIC VOLVULUS The presenting symptoms can be intermittent or complete gastric obstruction, ischemia, pain, and/or bleeding. The most common signs and symptoms of gastric volvulus in children include acute abdominal pain, intractable retching, and the inability to pass a nasogastric tube into the stomach lumen.

What causes gastric volvulus?

The most common cause of gastric volvulus is hiatal hernia, but the principal predisposing factor is ligamentous laxity. The diagnosis is suspected when erect chest radiograph images show a high air-fluid level in the chest. Moreover a barium swallow is essential to confirm the diagnosis.

How do you fix a gastric volvulus?

The surgical management of gastric volvulus is usually straightforward, requiring de-rotation, reduction of the hernial contents into the abdominal cavity and repair of the hernial defect. In children, percutaneous gastropexy by a combined laparoscopic and gastroscopic approach has been described.

Is a volvulus a hernia?

Gastric volvulus creates a closed-loop obstruction that can lead to strangulation and ultimately necrosis and tissue death. The gastroesophageal junction remains in place in paraoesophageal hiatal hernia, but part of the stomach herniates from the abdomen into the chest.

How do you fix gastric volvulus?

In general, the treatment of an acute gastric volvulus remains emergency surgical repair. In patients who are not surgical candidates (secondary to comorbidities or an inability to tolerate anesthesia), endoscopic reduction may be attempted.

How do you prevent gastric volvulus?

There are two main options for prevention of recurrent volvulus: gastropexy and PEH repair. Gastropexy is the fixation of the stomach to the diaphragm and/or anterior abdominal wall.

How common is volvulus in infants?

Malrotation occurs in around one out of every 500 births in the United States and usually presents within the first year of a baby’s life, though it may also be asymptomatic. Only around one out of every 6000 infants will develop symptomatic malrotation, with 30% to 60% of cases diagnosed during the first week of life.

Which of the following conditions would be considered to be volvulus?

A volvulus occurs when part of the colon or intestine twists. The twisting causes bowel obstructions that may cut off the blood supply to areas of the bowels. A volvulus is a medical emergency that needs surgical treatment.

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