What areas in the Gold Coast are flooding?

What areas in the Gold Coast are flooding?

There was flash flooding across many parts of the Gold Coast as the city couldn’t handle the deluge of rain as streets were inundated and many of the rivers and creeks broke their banks and experienced flooding including the Pimpama,- Coomera,- and Nerang Rivers, Albert and Logan Rivers, Mudgeeraba,- Tallebudgera,- and …

Is Gold Coast affected by flooding?

The Gold Coast is subject to flood risks and past flood events have caused moderate to extensive damage to private property, community buildings, bridges and roads.

Where is there flooding in Queensland?

Moderate flood warnings have been issued for upper Brisbane River, Eyre Creek, Baffle Creek and Kolan River, as well as Mary River at Gympie. Initial flood watch notices have been issued for the Wide Bay and Burnett, Darling Downs and Granite Belt areas in south-east Queensland.

Are there flash floods in Australia?

“Exceptionally sharp, short bursts of rain” have been creating flash flooding almost every hour, he said. Sydney has received 1,227 mm (48 inches) of rain so far this year, more than its average annual rainfall of 1,213 mm.

Is Southport flooded?

There are no flood warnings or alerts in this area. This service tells you your risk of flooding from rivers, the sea and groundwater.

Does it flood in Broadbeach Waters?

If you live in Broadbeach, you will probably know that it is common to get flooding from heavy rain into the front of your high-rise home that can quickly cause a flooding emergency. This can result in major water damage to not only your home, but also commercial buildings.

What roads are closed on Gold Coast today?

TRAFFIC ALERT: Latest list of Gold Coast road closures

  • Araluen Road, Tallebudgera Valley, between Tallebudgera Creek Rd and end of Araluen Rd.
  • Birds Road, Guanaba/Maudsland, Between Equestrian Drive and property #110 Birds Rd.
  • Bonogin Rd, Bonogin Between Broadoak Ct & Fowler Ct.

Does Burleigh Waters flood?

The canal system is tidal, and during years of heavy rains and flood, homes on the Burleigh Waters canal can face flooding.

Why is Queensland prone to flooding?

In Queensland, average annual rainfall ranges from very low values in the southwest, to very high values exceeding 2000mm per year along the coast (Figure 5). However, even in those areas with generally low rainfall, relatively heavy rainfall will occur in some years, causing flooding (Figure 6).

Where does it flood the most in Australia?

The worst floods in Australian history have occurred in the east, especially in Queensland and New South Wales.

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