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What can Europe do to help refugees?

What can Europe do to help refugees?

to the European Union:

  1. Protect people’s right to safety and asylum.
  2. Create fair and fast EU asylum procedures.
  3. Show solidarity between EU countries.
  4. Offer more legal options for refugees to reach safety in Europe.
  5. Save lives at sea.
  6. Welcome refugees into their new homes.
  7. Help refugees thrive wherever they are.

How are refugees protected?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 14), which states that everyone has the right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution in other countries. The 1951 UN Refugee Convention (and its 1967 Protocol), which protects refugees from being returned to countries where they risk being persecuted.

What are the steps taken to solve the problems of refugees?

Refugee problems can only be solved in three different ways: – through voluntary repatriation, through resettlement overseas and through integration either in the country of present residence or in combination with intra-European migration.

What can I do to help refugees in Poland?

Become a volunteer: help Ukrainian refugees in Poland If you want to help, the website is open to companies, individuals, local authorities and non-governmental organisations, who would like to provide assistance with food and other materials, shelter and volunteer support, both in Poland and in Ukraine.

How are refugees protected under international law?

The international law of refugee protection, which is the source of many such exceptions, comprises a range of universal and regional conventions (treaties), rules of customary international law, general principles of law, national laws, and the ever-developing standards in the practice of states and international …

How refugees rights are protected in international community?

All individuals granted refugee status as well as derivative relatives are issued a UNHCR Refugee Certificate which stipulates that the holder is a refugee and is therefore entitled to protection, including protection from refoulement.

What are three solutions for refugees?

UNHCR promotes three durable solutions for refugees as part of its core mandate: • voluntary repatriation; • local integration; and • resettlement.

How should governments deal with refugees?

10 ways countries can help refugees integrate

  1. Provide integration services as soon as possible for those asylum seekers most likely to be allowed to stay.
  2. Treat refugees differently, depending on their backgrounds.
  3. Pay particular attention to unaccompanied minors who arrive past the age of compulsory schooling.

What are the three durable solutions for refugees?

There are three durable solutions:

  • Voluntary returns in safety and dignity;
  • Local integration; and.
  • Resettlement to another location or country.

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