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What can I do with sloe gin berries?

What can I do with sloe gin berries?

Happily, leftover berries from making sloe gin can also be used to re-macerate in other spirits. Brandy is a Christmassy choice: leave yours to steep with 500g of leftover sloe gin berries, red wine and a sprinkle of sugar. In a month or two, you’ll have another burgundy-hued treat to toast friends and family with.

How long do you leave sloe berries in gin?

It will take at least four weeks for your gin to take on a really rich flavour and colour, and you can leave it for much longer if you wish – we’d recommend up to three months. Many people leave their sloe gin to steep for years!

What goes well with sloe gin?

Not sure how to drink your sloe gin? Well, traditionally it is drunk neat or in warm drinks like a hot toddy, but it’s also delicious over ice, combined with a light, neutral tonic with a sprig of rosemary to garnish, or even topped up with prosecco for a fabulous sparkling aperitif!

What Flavours go well with sloes?

The deeply plummy flavour of sloes pairs well with raspberry, cranberry, apple, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, juniper, coffee, chocolate, almonds and J├Ągermeister. Blackthorn is a small, deciduous tree or shrub, usually growing up to 4 metres tall.

Do I need to Sterilise sloe gin bottles?

You can make your sloe gin directly in a bottle, but I tend to make my ginfusions in kilner jars then decant into bottles once it’s ready. Either way, it’s important to sterilise these bits and pieces first which is really easy to do. Pre-heat your oven to 160┬░C/gas mark 3.

Can homemade sloe gin go off?

Can homemade sloe gin go bad? Homemade sloe gin will last for years as alcohol acts as a preservative. Make sure your bottles are clean and the tops are secure. If after a few years you notice sediment forming in the bottles you can strain the gin through a muslin cloth to remove this.

Why is my sloe gin cloudy?

Re: sloe gin If you cut the sloes, the liquid will be cloudy, if you pricked the sloes with a fork (or a silver hat pin) then it should clear.

Do you drink sloe gin straight?

Sloe gin is a fruity liqueur that can be served neat, with a mixer or even used in cooking.

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