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What courts are recorders in?

What courts are recorders in?

A recorder, when acting as such, has all the powers of a circuit judge and may sit in the Crown Court, the County Court or the Family Court.

What is a recorder in court UK?

Recorders. A recorder is essentially a part-time circuit judge, and like being a deputy district or tribunal judge the role is fee-paid (ie paid by the day rather than salaried). Recorders are appointed either to the Crown Court or the County Court, the former doing criminal work, the latter civil and family.

Is a recorder higher than a judge?

Recorders may sit in both Crown and County Courts, but most start by sitting in the Crown Court. Their jurisdiction is broadly similar to that of a circuit judge, but they will generally handle less complex or serious matters coming before the court.

How do you address a recorder in court?

Some Circuit Judges – for example, The Recorder of Liverpool or Central Criminal Court judges – are referred to as “My Lord” or “My Lady”….Circuit judges.

Address (in correspondence) Dear… In court
His Honour Judge Williams (QC if appropriate) Judge Your Honour

What is a recorder in legal terms?

recorder, in Anglo-American judicial systems, an officer appointed by a city, county, or other administrative unit to keep legal records. In England and Wales the recorder, in the course of time, came to be a locality’s chief legal officer and sole judge at quarter sessions.

Who is the current recorder of London?

Mark Lucraft
The Recorder’s deputy is the Common Serjeant of London, appointed by the Crown on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor. The Recorder of London is, since 14 April 2020, Mark Lucraft.

What does a recorder do?

The Recorder Does: Record and store land documents for the public record. Assist the public in locating real property parcels on ownership plats. Assist the public in locating records. Sell copies of documents and plats to the public.

Is a recorder always part time judicial role?

Fee-paid positions, including tribunal appointments, Recorders, and deputy district judges, are part-time roles. They are often, though not always, similar to the equivalent salaried appointment but may deal with less complex or less serious cases.

What does a recorder do in court?

Functions. In addition to hearing criminal trials at the Central Criminal Court, the Recorder of London heads up court list management (including allocation of cases) to the court’s judges. The Recorder also provides legal advice to the Lord Mayor and the Court of Aldermen.

Is a recorder always part-time judicial role?

Should you bow to a judge?

Entering the room When you enter a courtroom you should make a small bow towards the judge or the magistrates as a sign of respect to the Court process. It gives a good first impression. When you leave Court, it is custom that you again bow to the judge or magistrates as you leave the Court.

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