What did Kemba live used to be called?

What did Kemba live used to be called?

Express Live!

Former names PromoWest Pavilion (2001-05) Lifestyle Communities Pavilion (2005-16) Express Live! (2016-21)
Address 405 Neil Ave Columbus, OH 43215-2341
Location Arena District
Coordinates 39.969811°N 83.010142°W

Is Kemba live an outdoor venue?

KEMBA Live! is the first indoor and outdoor concert venue in America. KEMBA Live! features state-of-the-art lighting, acoustical systems and an innovative, one-of-a-kind reversible stage.

Where is Kemba live?

Located in the Arena District, KEMBA Live! is across the street from the McConnell Garage. You may also buy parking in advance via the Arena District.

Does Kemba live have food?

Mikey’s Late Night Slice is the official food provider for KEMBA Live!, Newport Music Hall and A&R Music Bar!

Is KEMBA Live the same as EXPRESS LIVE?

On Tuesday, KEMBA Financial Credit Union announced the exclusive naming rights for the venue formerly known as EXPRESS LIVE!. It will now be known as KEMBA Live!. “We are excited to partner with PromoWest to present KEMBA Live!,” said Mark Decello, KEMBA’s President & CEO.

Why did EXPRESS LIVE change their name?

“It’s just a naming rights deal. It has nothing to with the ownership or management or operations or anything,” said Scott Stienecker, PromoWest Productions CEO and AEG Presents regional vice president. The venue has gone through a rich history of names.

Are there seats at KEMBA Live?

You can go to our EXPRESS LIVE! seat views page to see them. EXPRESS LIVE! can hold up to 4,500 people but we unfortunately can’t provide 4,500 individual seat views, therefore the seat views we show are usually a sample from different sections in a venue.

Did EXPRESS LIVE change their name?

The Arena District facility known for years as EXPRESS LIVE! will now be named KEMBA Live! COLUMBUS, Ohio — It was announced on Tuesday that the PromoWest Productions/AEG Presents concert venue in Downtown Columbus formerly known as EXPRESS LIVE! has been renamed KEMBA Live!

Are there seats at Kemba live?

Does Kemba live have metal detectors?

And by that I mean, you will stand in a long line to get in; you may need to show some ID and proof of vaccination; you will have to go through a metal detector; you will be confused about what you can and cannot bring into the venue; and you may find yourself stashing a too-big purse underneath the metal staircase …

Is KEMBA Live standing room only?

Almost all of our shows are general admission standing room only, which means that there is no assigned seating, if there’s seating at all. On occasions when events are seated, the ticket agent will be able to help you select the best available reserved seating location at your time of purchase.

Why is it called KEMBA Live?

The popular Arena District venue EXPRESS LIVE! announced Tuesday that it will now be known as KEMBA Live! This comes from a partnership with Kemba Financial that will run for the next ten years. The venue was known previously as PromoWest Pavilion and Lifestyle Communities Pavilion as well.

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