What did LeBron say about Cleveland?

What did LeBron say about Cleveland?

“Cleveland is very deserving of this platform and this moment,” James said following the All-Star Game practice at Cleveland’s Wolstein Center on Saturday. “I mean, they’ve got two All-Stars of their own in DG and the big fella, Jarrett Allen. And they’ve got another guy in the All-Star Game, and that’s me.”

Is LeBron James talking about coming back to Cleveland?

LeBron James said the door is “not closed” on a potential return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and that his last season in the league “will be played with my son” in an interview with The Athletic ahead of Sunday’s All-Star Game.

What did LeBron say when he left Cleveland?

“I feel awful that I’m leaving, but I feel even worse that I wasn’t able to bring a championship to that city. I hope my real fans will continue to support me, and I’ll see you this fall.”

Why did LeBron leave Cleveland to Miami?

LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach On July 8, 2010, James decided to make his decision televised on national television. “In this fall I’m going to take my talents to South Beach,” James said. Just like that, his career in Cleveland was over at the time, and he was now a member of the Miami Heat.

Why did LeBron visit Cleveland?

James decided to join with Bosh and Wade in part so that he could shoulder less of the offensive load; he thought that his improved teammates would give him a better chance of winning an NBA championship than had he stayed in Cleveland.

Will Bronny James make the NBA?

James will first be eligible for the NBA Draft in 2024. He will be an 18-year-old senior at Sierra Canyon next season in 2022-23. It has not yet been determined where James will play once he graduates from high school and there are a number of different routes young prospects can go to get to the NBA these days.

How did LeBron announce his return to Cleveland?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – On this day back in 2014, LeBron James shocked the sports world once again, as he announced via Sports Illustrated that he is returning to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers. “But this is not about the roster or the organization. I feel my calling here goes above basketball.

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