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What do curvilinear lines represent?

What do curvilinear lines represent?

Curved lines are lines that bend and change direction gradually. They can be simply wavy or spiral. Such lines convey the feelings of comfort and ease, as well as sensual quality as they remind us of the human body.

What feelings do curved lines represent?

The majority of curved lines create familiarity and comfort, they also suggest relaxation. Curved lines are very easy on the eyes and are interesting to follow. Curvy lines are associated with nature — they feel very organic. Diagonal lines are the greatest way to create movement and direction.

What do diagonal lines mean in fashion?

Diagonal design lines may be single or divergent lines with each causing the eye to move from one side to the other on an angle. Physically, diagonal lines can slim and lengthen when more vertical lengthen. While those that are more horizontal will shorten and widen the area they have been place over.

What is effect of curvy line?

Curved lines also have their own set of effects and associations: Physical: can increases apparent weight and width, holds attention. Psychological: calming, nurturing, abundant. Impression: feminine, gentle.

What does curvilinear mean in psychology?

adj. describing an association between variables that does not consistently follow an increasing or decreasing pattern but rather changes direction after a certain point (i.e., it involves a curve in the set of data points).

What is a curvilinear relationship example?

An example of a curvilinear relationship would be staff cheerfulness and customer satisfaction. The more cheerful a service staff is, the higher the customer satisfaction, but only up to a certain point.

Do lines have meaning what are their meanings?

Horizontal lines indicate a sense of motionless rest and peace. Vertical lines are seen as tall and represent grandeur. Horizontal and vertical lines used together in a square or rectangular shape convey structure and represent stability. Diagonal lines move the eye in a direction and indicate movement and fluidity.

Do diagonal lines make you look fat?

But when Dr Peter Thompson, a psychologist and expert in visual perception at the University of York, tested the optical illusion he found the opposite was true. “Horizontal stripes don’t make you look fatter,” he said. His test involved showing pairs of pictures of women to volunteers.

What are structural fashion lines?

Structural lines are made by sewing together the parts of a garment. Seams and darts are structural lines because they shape the garment. A garment can sometimes be cut in certain places to make a special seam. This seam is still considered a structured line.

What are structural lines?

Structural lines are linear or curved elements used for a variety of purposes, depending on how their properties are set. Beams, trusses, cables and support conditions can be defined, for example. Structural lines are written into the structural database (. CDB) during export.

What do vertical lines do in fashion?

Vertical lines in clothing are shown in stripes, vertical fashion items and seams. In clothing a vertical line can be very helpful as it helps shorter women look taller and thinner as we follow the lines going up and down with our eyes, so therefore the woman would look slimmer and longer.

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