What does defoliation mean?

What does defoliation mean?

to deprive of leaves
Definition of defoliate transitive verb. : to deprive of leaves especially prematurely Black spot, which looks like its name, attacks leaves.

What do Defoliators do?

Defoliating insects damage trees by eating leaves or needles, removing the photosynthetic tissue critical for plant maintenance and growth. A significant loss of leaves or needles results in growth loss, increased susceptibility to attack by other insects and pathogens, and sometimes tree mortality.

Why do we defoliate?

What Causes Defoliation? Defoliation is defined as a widespread loss of leaves or stripping of leaves on a plant. There are many things that can cause this, such as grazing animals like deer or rabbits, insect infestation, disease or chemical run off from herbicides.

What is defoliated in plants?

Defoliation is the removal of above ground plant material. A few ways that defoliation can be accomplished is by mowing, burning, grazing, hail, frost, or applying herbicide. In many cases defoliation is done intentionally.

What is another word for defoliate?

What is another word for defoliation?

devastation destruction
ravages wreckage
ruination annihilation
decimation demolishment
extermination extinction

How do you use defoliate in a sentence?

The adults defoliate plants, and the larvae feed on roots. 4. The forest had already been defoliated and the oaks and aspens were expending precious energy sending out a second flush of leaves. 5.

Are caterpillars Defoliators?

Caterpillars (Lepidoptera) cause the most defoliation. Caterpillars are wormlike insects, from less than 1 inch to more than 3 inches long, with segmented bodies.

Which insect is one of the most important forest defoliators in North America?

The gypsy moth, an invasive alien species from Asia, has plagued Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Province at different times throughout the last century. It is known as one of the most serious defoliators of hardwoods in North America.

What is extreme defoliation?

All growers perform some light pruning, but there is a different and more advanced approach to plant training: extreme defoliation. This practice requires the mass removal of fan leaves and foliage from an entire canopy during key phases in the cultivation cycle.

What is photoperiodic effect?

“Photoperiodism” is defined as “The response to changes in daylength that enables plants (or any other living organisms) to adapt to seasonal changes in their environment.”

What is the meaning of espoused wife?

1 : marry. 2 : to take up and support as a cause : become attached to.

What is defoliation in bonsai?

Bonsai defoliation involves cutting all, or some, the leaves of a tree during the summer. In doing so you force the tree to grow new leaves, leading to a reduction in the size of leaves and an increase in ramification.

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