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What does Flint Hills Resources make?

What does Flint Hills Resources make?

Gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, and materials for manufacturing carpet, tires and more. Asphalt products including polymer-modified asphalt, emulsions, cutback and flux for paving and roofing. Network of pipes for crude oil and refined fuels transportation.

How many refineries does Flint Hills have?

three refineries
Flint Hills Resources’ three refineries have a combined crude oil processing capacity of more than 700,000 barrels per day. The Pine Bend Refinery in Rosemount, Minnesota, was established as the Great Northern Oil Company in 1955.

What does the Koch refinery do?

The refinery also produces other products people rely on such as propane, asphalt, and heating fuels; and the chemical building blocks essential for products such as plastics, fertilizers, medicines, and synthetic materials.

Who owns Flint Hills in Kansas?

The 10,793-acre Spring Creek Ranch in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas has been listed by the Koch family. Part of Matador Cattle Co., the Spring Creek Ranch has remained a working cattle ranch since the family ownership back to 1941.

What does Flint Hill Resources do?

Flint Hills Resources LLC operates as a refining and manufacturing company. The Company offers fuels, aromatics, olefines, polymers, biofuels, and ingredients. Flint Hills Resources serves customers in the United States.

Why are the Flint Hills called the Flint Hills?

The region consists mainly of alternating layers of limestone and shale. Many of the limestones contain concentrations of chert (also called flint)—a hard, dense microcrystalline quartz. As the limestone erodes, angular fragments of flint accumulate at the surface, giving the Flint Hills their name.

Where does Minnesota get its gas?

Interstate natural gas pipelines that enter Minnesota, primarily from South Dakota, North Dakota, Canada, and Iowa, deliver more than four times as much natural gas as is consumed in the state.

Who is the largest landowner in Kansas?

Liberty Media Chairman John Malone and his 2.2 million acres under ownership topped the Land Report 100 list, which focuses exclusively on deeded acreage owned by individuals, families, family-owned companies and family-controlled foundations and excludes leased and public lands.

Did the Matador ranch sell?

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his wife Jerry have paid around $200 million to buy a massive Montana working cattle ranch owned by a subsidiary of Koch Industries named Matador Cattle Co. a new report revealed Thursday.

How many employees does Flint Hills Resources have?

About Flint Hills Resources Based in Wichita, Kansas, the company has approximately 4,000 employees and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc. For more information, visit

Why do they call it the Flint Hills?

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