What does it mean when a person is mutable?

What does it mean when a person is mutable?

subject to change
Something or someone that is mutable is subject to change. Mutable weather can go from sunny, to rainy and windy, and back to sunny again. The word mutable originally had a negative connotation, and it referred to a person, usually a poet, who frequently changed his mind and moods.

How do you use proprieties in a sentence?

He owns several valuable properties in the area. a developer of commercial properties One of the properties of helium is its lightness. A unique property of garlic is its strong odor. The two plants have similar physical properties.

How do you use in turn in a sentence?

You use in turn to refer to actions or events that are in a sequence one after the other, for example, because one causes the other. One of the members of the surgical team leaked the story to a fellow physician who, in turn, confided in a reporter.

How do you use innate in a sentence?

Innate sentence example

  1. He had an innate modesty and simplicity of character.
  2. The ghost of innate ideas seems to be all that it had left.
  3. He had an innate musicality.
  4. Cruelty and treachery seem innate in the whole family.
  5. He was in fairly good shape, thanks mostly to weekend biking more than any innate athletic ability.

What are mutable signs?

06/6​Mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces These are the signs that end the four seasons and are more flexible and comfortable with changes in life when compared to other zodiac signs.

What is mutable vs immutable?

A mutable object can be changed after it’s created, and an immutable object can’t. That said, if you’re defining your own class, you can make its objects immutable by making all fields final and private.

What do you call someone who owns a lot of property?

landowner. noun. someone who owns a large amount of land.

What’s another way to say because of this?

What is another word for because of this?

as a result consequently
due to this thusly
as such because of that
ergo in consequence
subsequently that being the case

How do you use erstwhile?

You use erstwhile to describe someone that used to be the type of person indicated, but no longer is. He fled to Brazil with Gloria Lopez, an erstwhile friend of his wife’s.

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