What does maturation mean in psychology?

What does maturation mean in psychology?

Maturation is the process of becoming mature overall, both psychological and behavriourally. The emergence of individual and behavioral characteristics through growth processes over time.

Which of the following is the best definition of maturation?

Maturation is the process of reaching a stage of full or advanced development. In other words, maturation is the process of maturating (or maturing) or of reaching maturity. The word is often used to refer to the process of a person developing physically or starting to act more grown-up (more mature).

What is the role of maturation in human development?

Maturation contributes to the development of personality by bringing out every inherited feature, including physical structure, temperament, talent, capacity for intelligent modification of behaviour, peculiarities of physical growth and decay, latent sexual functions, and numerous specific locomotor and vocal patterns …

What is physical maturation?

Physical maturation, or level of physical development, can be defined as the distance one has travelled toward mature adult size and shape [15, 16]. In the growth and development context, maturation can also be viewed in terms of tempo and/or timing [14].

What is maturation in early childhood?

In children, maturation means going through their development stages. It is them being able to do tasks and things they could not do previously. So it can be said with maturing there is an increase in competency and adaptability. Now maturation is a multi-faceted and automatic process.

What is maturation in a study?

Maturation–the processes within subjects which act as a function of the passage of time. i.e. if the project lasts a few years, most participants may improve their performance regardless of treatment. Testing–the effects of taking a test on the outcomes of taking a second test.

What is maturation in biology?

Biological maturation can be understood as a process that characterizes human growth and development, suffering individual variations in time and rate at which this process occurs (Malina et al., 2004; Cumming et al., 2008; Guedes, 2011).

What does maturation mean in research?

What is maturation example?

The definition of maturation is the process of growing up. An example of maturation is becoming an adult with a career and other responsibilities. noun.

What is maturation in learning?

Maturation means the growth and development that is necessary either before any unlearned behaviour can occur or before the learning of any particular behaviour can take place. It involves both structural and functional changes or performance.

What is an example of maturation in research?

The maturation effect is any biological or psychological process within an individual that systematically varies with the passage of time, independent of specific external events. Examples of the maturation effect include growing older, stronger, wiser, and more experienced. These examples involve longlasting changes.

What is maturation validity?

Maturation. This is a threat that is internal to the individual participant. It is the possibility that mental or physical changes occur within the participants themselves that could account for the evaluation results.

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