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What does serviceberry smell like?

What does serviceberry smell like?

To some noses, serviceberry flowers are lightly fragrant. To others, like that of woody plant guru, Michael Dirr, they are “weakly malodorous.” Sources may disagree on fragrance, but agree on beauty.

What is a serviceberry good for?

Wildlife Plants:: Serviceberry It’s a diverse plant that offers many wildlife benefits including fruit, nectar and edible foliage. Many birds take advantage of the fruit including chickadees, juncos, bluebirds, goldfinches, orioles, tanagers and more.

Are serviceberry trees good?

Serviceberry trees attract bees, birds and other pollinators, making them an ideal choice for a wildlife or pollinator garden, or to foster a yard with a healthy little eco-system.

Is a serviceberry tree hardwood?

Despite the small size of the trees, the wood itself is heavy and hard—if appropriately sized material is available, serviceberry could make a good substitute for other interior woods like hard maple (Acer saccharum) or yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis).

Why is it called serviceberry?

One story is that the first settlers in the New England area often planned funeral services at the same time that the tree bloomed. Its blooming was a sign that the ground had thawed sufficiently to be able to dig graves. So the tree became known as the ‘serviceberry tree. ‘

How much does a serviceberry tree cost?

$89.95. See how our plants are shipped to you!

What does serviceberry look like?

A member of the genus Amelanchier, serviceberries reward homeowners with a spectacular display of showy white flowers that look like lilacs in the spring, attractive fall foliage, and pretty gray bark.

Are Serviceberries poisonous?

On most, the berries are sweet and juicy, some (like the Downy Serviceberry) the fruit is dry and tasteless. All are edible, none are poisonous, so if you know it is a Serviceberry, you can try the berry.

Are Serviceberries toxic to dogs?

There are some berries that will make your dog sick although it may not affect humans. For example, regional berries can run the gamut: gooseberries, marionberries, salmonberries, and serviceberries may be toxic to your dog.

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