What equipment is required for endotracheal intubation?

What equipment is required for endotracheal intubation?

Equipment includes suction, appropriate-sized bag and mask, oxygen source, appropriate size endotracheal tubes including a size larger and one size smaller, laryngoscope and appropriate-sized laryngoscope blades (including one size smaller and one size larger), endotracheal tube-securing equipment (tape or other).

Which instrument is most commonly used by Anaesthetist for intubation?

The laryngoscope (Figure 31-3) is a device designed to assist in the visualization of the trachea during intubation.

What is the intubation tool called?

The provider will insert a device called a laryngoscope to be able to view the vocal cords and the upper part of the windpipe. If the procedure is being done to help with breathing, a tube is then inserted into the windpipe and past the vocal cords to just above the spot where the trachea branches into the lungs.

What is an intubation kit?

Intubation kit, ca. 1898 To prevent suffocation, doctors performed tracheotomies and intubation, surgical methods for restoring a breathing passage. This intubation kit includes a set of seven tubes, sized for children up to age twelve, along with the tools used for inserting and extracting the tubes from the throat.

What equipment is needed for anesthesia?

Anaesthetic machine, Cylinders, Breathing systems, Ventilator, Air ways, Laryngoscope, Endotracheal tubes, Tracheostomy tube, I.V. Cannula, Syringe pumps, Magill’s forceps, Central Venous Pressure, Nasogastric tube, ect. Different types of anesthetic equipment and their use.

What are components of an endotracheal tube?

In its simplest form, the endotracheal tube is a tube constructed of polyvinyl chloride that is placed between the vocal cords through the trachea. It serves to provide oxygen and inhaled gases to the lungs and protects the lungs from contamination, such as gastric contents or blood.

What is an endotracheal tube cuff?

The cuff of the endotracheal tube (ETT) is designed to provide a seal within the airway, allowing airflow through the ETT but preventing passage of air or fluids around the ETT. Deliberate or inadvertent movement of the ETT may affect cuff pressure or shift folds in the cuff, mobilizing pooled secretions.

How do you use a stylet?


  1. lubricate stylet with water soluble gel.
  2. insert stylet into ETT.
  3. bend the stylet into the desired shape.
  4. optimal shape for intubation direct laryngoscopy is ‘straight-to-the-cuff’ with a a ‘hockey stick’ bend at the cuff of no more than 35 degrees.

When is an endotracheal tube used?

Endotracheal intubation is done to:

  1. Keep the airway open in order to give oxygen, medicine, or anesthesia.
  2. Support breathing in certain illnesses, such as pneumonia, emphysema, heart failure, collapsed lung or severe trauma.
  3. Remove blockages from the airway.
  4. Allow the provider to get a better view of the upper airway.

What is an anaesthesia cart?

An essential addition for medical centres, hospitals and aged care facilities, anaesthetic carts provide secure and convenient access to medications, controlled substances and other supplies that medical physicians require.

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