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What happened in chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby?

What happened in chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby?

Chapter 7 marks the climax of The Great Gatsby. Twice as long as every other chapter, it first ratchets up the tension of the Gatsby-Daisy-Tom triangle to a breaking point in a claustrophobic scene at the Plaza Hotel, and then ends with the grizzly gut punch of Myrtle’s death.

What does Tom reveal about Gatsby in chapter 7?

Tom reveals that Gatsby is a bootlegger, and Gatsby tries to deny it, but he is so totally busted. Daisy begs to go, and they head home with Daisy and Gatsby together in Gatsby’s car.

What is Gatsby doing at the end of chapter 7?

The chapter ends with Gatsby, the paragon of chivalry and lost dreams, remaining on vigil outside Daisy’s house, in case she needs assistance dealing with Tom, while Nick heads back to West Egg.

Who dies in chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby?

of Myrtle Wilson
The final big event in this chapter, the death of Myrtle Wilson, will play an enormous role in the following chapter. Mrs. Wilson’s tragic death sends her husband into conniptions, and his knowledge of her affair and his glimpsing Gatsby’s yellow car, driven by Tom earlier in the day, are also important.

Why is chapter 7 the climax of The Great Gatsby?

Chapter 7 is arguably the most important chapter in the novel. It features the story’s climax, where Tom confronts Gatsby about his affair with Daisy, and Daisy kills Myrtle with Gatsby’s car.

What does Myrtle’s death symbolize?

Myrtle’s death symbolizes the death of the American Dream because she is someone who tried to achieve it and move up in life but was ultimately killed because of it. The repeated appearance of the green light motif is used to represent the American Dream. Once that light dies, the Dream dies with it.

How is Gatsby’s dream destroyed chapter 7?

The most significant event from this chapter is when Daisy is unable to admit that she does not love Tom. This event has destroyed Gatsby’s dreams of being with Daisy and shows how the american dream is over for Gatsby.

What does yellow symbolize in chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby?

In chapter 7, Daisy and Jordan wear white dresses to symbolize their purity, or appearance of purity, in contrast to Daisy’s actions. Yellow symbolizes corruption. Gatsby’s car is yellow representing his corrupt business dealings (organized crime).

Why is Myrtle’s death ironic?

She ran in front of Gatsby’s car, believing that Tom was driving, and was killed by Daisy, Tom’s wife. I find this extremely ironic. Myrtle clung to the idea of Tom being her savior from her average, seemingly unworthy life to the point where she would allow Tom to beat her and think nothing of it.

How is Daisy selfish in chapter 7?

She believes that she can keep it all a secret and selfishly reap the benefits of both relationships. After the day in town, Daisy fanatically drives home and, as a result, kills another woman in the process. Daisy and Tom immediately ran off from the problem they created and left others to clean up the mess.

What do the eyes of TJ eckleburg symbolize in chapter 7?

The eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg are again seen in chapter 7. These eyes could represent or symbolize the eyes of God, and how He is always watching over everything that the characters do. Eckleburg sees Gatsby and Daisy on the way to the hotel and then follows behind Tom, Jordan and Nick.

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