What happened Woolwich Poly?

What happened Woolwich Poly?

Previously a community school administered by Greenwich London Borough Council, Woolwich Polytechnic School converted to academy status on 1 August 2014. However the school continues to co-ordinate with Greenwich London Borough Council for admission.

Is Woolwich Poly sixth form good?

“The sixth form is outstanding because students’ outcomes are very strong and the quality of teaching is consistently high.” “In GCSE examinations in 2017 and 2018, Year 11 pupils achieved grades which were above the national averages.”

What time does Woolwich Poly boys finish?

Students are given a two-week timetable and will have an early finish Wednesday of Week A….School Day 2021-22.

Wednesday Week A
11.45am LUNCH
12.15pm Session 2 or Session 2A
1pm Dismissal

Is Greenwich posh?

Steeped in history and rich in culture, Greenwich is one of South London’s most attractive places to live. Home to Greenwich Meantime, the Royal Palaces, a vibrant marketplace, and an abundance of trendy hangouts, there will never be a dull moment living in Greenwich.

Is Woolwich rough?

The most dangerous area of Greenwich according to the Met Police is Woolwich Riverside with 3,110 criminal offences recorded in 2018. There was 1,119 violent offences and 1,078 reports of theft. Followed by, 269 burglaries, 224 counts of criminal damage and 173 drug offences.

What kind of people live in Greenwich?

Population by Race

Race Population Percentage
White 10,278 77.35%
Black or African American 1,022 7.69%
Asian 991 7.46%
Two or More Races 513 3.86%

Is Woolwich nice to live in?

Part of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Woolwich has truly arrived as a great place to live and work. Thanks to major property developments, crowned by the creation of the Royal Arsenal Riverside, this historic part of Southeast London has so much choice to offer renters and buyers.

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