What happens in chapter 16 of schooled?

What happens in chapter 16 of schooled?

Sophie’s dad has abruptly left town, going back on his promise to take her for her driver’s test and leaving without giving her the engraved bracelet she was waiting for. Sophie takes her frustration out on Capricorn.

How did miss agnew react to finding Hugh and Cap tie dyeing t shirts in her art room before school started?

With their hands deep in tie-dye, Miss Agnew enters the classroom. Fortunately she is not angry. She tells Hugh and Cap she hasn’t done tie-dying since her college days and would love to dedicate the whole lesson to it with Cap as the teacher.

What happened in schooled Chapter 13?

Chapter 13 Summary: “Sophie Donnelly” Sophie’s dad is shocked when he sees Capricorn practicing Tai Chi in the yard, saying, “God bless America! […] That’s the stray your mother brought home?” (86). Sophie’s dad puts his salesman skills to use and strikes up a conversation with Capricorn.

What did Cap find out when he visited rain at the hospital?


Question Answer
Who was the captain of the Chess Club? Hugh Winkleman
Who was the school nurse? Nurse Myerson
Why did Cap have to drive the school bus to the hospital? The bus driver had a heart attack while driving
Why did Cap have to take Rain to the hospital? She fell out of a plum tree and broke her hip.

Why does cap end up driving the bus?

How does Cap end up driving the school bus? Mr. Rodrigo had a heart attack in school so they were taking him on the bus.

What happens in chapter 14 of educated?

Summary: Chapter 14 Shawn is often angry about his father’s refusal to modernize and use safer and more efficient equipment. Meanwhile, Tara is busy with a job she has taken on with a local salesman, who introduces her to the internet and cellphones.

What was in Sissy’s cigar box?

On another visit, Sissy leaves a cigarette box that was in her handbag. The children open the box and discover that it is filled with “balloons” from the rubber factory where Sissy works. The children tie the balloons together and string them from their window, where they hang outside, embarrassing the family.

What is the purpose of the checks Mr Kasigi gives to cap?

Mr. Kasigi has a conference to attend out of town. Since he will be gone, he gives Cap checks for the student activities bank account so Cap can pay the vendors for the Halloween dance.

How does schooled book end?

By the end of the book he is his school’s most popular kid. Cap Anderson has been arrested by the police for driving without a license. To their surprise Cap has no idea what they have talking about. He tells them he was driving his grandmother to the hospital after she broke her hip falling out of a tree.

Why can’t cap visit his grandmother more often?

Why can’t Cap visit her grandmom in the hospital? because the facility is an hour a way, even more with traffic and there isn’t time. How does Cap respond to Mrs. Donnelly when he learns that Sophie’s dad is often neglectful or not around?

What happens in chapter 15 of educated?

Summary: Chapter 15 After her father warns her again about pursuing college studies, Tara tells her mother that she doesn’t think she will go to school after all. Surprisingly, her mother is insistent that Tara ought to go. Tara continues her studies while also helping her father with his scrapping work.

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