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What is a CMC dislocation?

What is a CMC dislocation?

Traumatic fracture dislocations of carpometacarpal (CMC) joints is a rare injury that presents in less than 1% of hand and wrist injuries. 1) CMC joint dislocation occurs with other associated fractures. Most CMC joint dislocations are missed on X-ray of wrist joint and hand due to overlapping of bones.

How can CMC dislocation be reduced?


  1. Traction and flexion with simultaneous longitudinal pressure on metacarpal base.
  2. If unable to reduce or remains unstable, immobilize with both dorsal and volar splints for urgent hand surgeon referral.

What is the 5th CMC joint?

The fifth CMC joint is located between the hamate and the base of the fifth metacarpal. Figure 13.54. The CMC joints of the second–fifth fingers (Ombregt, 2013). CMC, Carpometacarpal. The second and the third CMC joint have a plane type joint structure.

How do you stop a MCP joint dislocation?

The suggested reduction technique for a simple MCP joint dislocation is flexion at the wrist and proximal interphalangeal joint to relax flexor tendons while pressure is applied to the proximal phalanx at the base.

How is a dislocated thumb diagnosed?

An X-ray is usually used to diagnose a dislocated thumb. The bones may move back into place on their own or a doctor may gently put the joint back with a quick maneuver called a reduction. In some cases, surgery is needed to repair the joint.

How is CMC joint pain treated?

If your CMC joint arthritis is in its early stage, most cases are treated through a noninvasive, nonsurgical approach. This includes topical medications, occupational or physical therapy, and cellular therapy (e.g. platelet rich plasma or PRP).

What causes thumb dislocation?

What causes a thumb dislocation? Thumb dislocations are usually caused by bending the thumb backward (hyperextension) beyond its normal range. A forceful trauma (e.g., sports injury or fall) to any of the figure joints can result in finger dislocation (movement of bone out of its original position).

What movement occurs at the carpometacarpal joint?

Movements. —In this articulation the movements permitted are flexion and extension in the plane of the palm of the hand, abduction and adduction in a plane at right angles to the palm, circumduction, and opposition.

What is CMC joint arthritis?

The CMC joint is located where the thumb (metacarpal) bone meets the wrist (carpal) bone. As this joint becomes worn, often due to age, it can lead to a painful condition called thumb arthritis (also known as CMC arthritis or basal joint arthritis).

How long does it take for a dislocated thumb to heal?

Once the joint is back in place again, it will take about 6 to 8 weeks or more for the ligaments to heal. During this time, your thumb should be protected from re-injury. This may be done with a cast or splint. Finger splints prevent motion at the joint.

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