What is a discovery endpoint?

What is a discovery endpoint?

The discovery endpoint can be used to retrieve metadata about your IdentityServer – it returns information like the issuer name, key material, supported scopes etc.

What is OpenID discovery endpoint?

Also referred to as the “well-known endpoint,” the discovery document is a set of OpenID Connect values that can be retrieved by OIDC clients; it’s the discovery document that enables OIDC clients to configure themselves in order to be able to access your implementation of Hosted Login.

What is a well-known endpoint?

A well-known endpoint is a preassigned stable address that a server uses every time it runs. Well-known endpoints typically are assigned by a central authority responsible for a transport protocol; for example, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority assigns endpoint values for the IP family of protocols.

What is GetDiscoveryDocumentAsync?

The GetDiscoveryDocumentAsync method returns a DiscoveryResponse object that has both strong and weak typed accessors for the various elements of the discovery document.

How do I find my server identity version?

You can access the Mgt console using https://:/carbon URL and click on the orange colored Identity Server logo in the top to get the index page with the version details.

What is Discovery URL in OIDC?

This URL returns a JSON listing of the OpenID/OAuth endpoints, supported scopes and claims, public keys used to sign the tokens, and other details. The clients can use this information to construct a request to the OpenID server. The field names and values are defined in the OpenID Connect Discovery Specification.

What is an identity server?

IdentityServer is an authentication server that implements OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 standards for ASP.NET Core. It’s designed to provide a common way to authenticate requests to all of your applications, whether they’re web, native, mobile, or API endpoints.

What is identity model?

The Identity Model is a set of classes that define the security structure of an application. It may consist of identity objects such as users, groups and roles; relationships such as group and role memberships; and partitions such as realms or tiers.

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