What is a Hershey-ETS?

What is a Hershey-ETS?

These festive red and green candy-coated milk chocolate pieces are a perfect fit for a candy dish or to create your own goodie bags. Stock up on multiples of these 16-ounce bags of HERSHEY-ET Chocolate Candies.

Are Hersheyettes still made?

Hershey-Ets were removed from the standard product line in the mid-1970s. Since then the product has been produced seasonally (primarily Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter) and sold in specialty packaging.

Do Hershey-ETS have nuts?

We appreciate your inquiry. There are no products that contain peanuts or tree nuts produced on the same equipment. The facility that makes HERSHEY-ETS does have almonds in the facility; however, they are in a different area and there are strict controls in place to prevent cross contact.

Is Hershey chocolate in M&Ms?

M&M’s used to contain Hershey chocolate Murrie was able to promise Mars a reliable cocoa supply despite wartime rationing, so the duo agreed to collaborate. However, post-war Mars bought back Murrie’s 20% share and eventually stopped using Hershey chocolate.

Are Hershey-ETS M&Ms?

Long before Hershey’s came out with Kissables, they had a product called Hershey-ets. They were introduced in 1954 and were pretty much direct competitors to M&Ms. They never quite took off so by 1978 the machinery for Hershey-ets was turned over to the Reese’s Pieces project and Hershey-ets were only made seasonally.

Who makes Hersheyettes?

Hershey-ets Hersheyettes
Hershey-ets Hersheyettes Candy Coated, 5 Pounds Hershey’s Milk Chocolate.

Are Hershey ETS M&Ms?

Are Hershey’s and M&Ms the same?

2. M&Ms used to be made with Hershey’s chocolate, now one of Mars’ biggest competitors.

Do Hershey bars have eggs in them?

Be please assured that there is NO EGG in Chocolate. Coated Chocolates may have some confectionery centers, like nouga, where egg proteins may be used as foaming agents.

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