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What is a Kemper pack?

What is a Kemper pack?

KEMPER PACK 1 is a collection of 21 searing amp-and-cab profiles designed specifically for drop-tuned metal (although they kick ass in standard too). The pack is split into three gain tiers: low, medium and high, giving you complete control over precisely how much filth your sound calls for.

Does a Kemper need a cab?

A standalone Kemper can’t be plugged directly into a guitar cab, but the Powerhead can be. This makes it a slightly more diverse gigging solution.

Does Kemper need a power amp?

For monitoring you can connect powered full range speakers (e.g. KEMPER Power Kabinet™) or headphones/in-ear. If you want to monitor via unpowered guitar cabinets you need an external power amp preferably mosfet or digital – no tube amp.

How much do Kemper profiles cost?

Compare to Similar Best Sellers

This item: Kemper Profiler Head – Black $ 1,899 .00 + FREE Shipping 62 reviews Kemper Profiler Head – White $ 1,899 .00 + FREE Shipping 44 reviews
Number of Channels 1 1
Effects Yes Yes
EQ 8-band (Graphic), 4-band (Parametric) Yes
Amp Modeling Yes Yes

How good does the Kemper sound?

It can sound even better than the carefully mic’d original source amp. Even before doing any tweaks to the profile, the tone never sounds worse than the original amp because the difference in tone between the source amp and the Kemper profiles is nearly imperceptible.

What speakers work with Kemper?

The Kone 12“ full range speaker which is made by Celestion and exclusively designed for Kemper, is based on its own F12-X200 loudspeaker designed specifically for use with profiling amps and modeling software. The sound variations are controlled and driven by the Profiler’s own DSP, using a dedicated algorithm.

Does Kemper sound better than Helix?

Kemper and Helix take a different approach when it comes to modeling, with Kemper preferring to emulate the style of vacuum tube amplifiers. This results in a more classic sound that is notoriously difficult to replicate, but Kemper has done an excellent job of it.

Does the Kemper sound like a tube amp?

1) The Kemper sounds better than a tube amp in almost all situations. When I show up to a gig and plug into my Kemper, I’m assured of getting a tone which was captured with a tube amp near maximum volume, likely through a rare/fragile/expensive vintage Celestion speaker.

Do pedals work with Kemper?

Is the Kemper Good with Pedals? I find the Kemper to work well with pedals in the studio only. I don’t think using analog effects with the powered kemper into a cabinet responds anywhere near the same way as pedals would with a regular tube amp. In the studio, you can get away with it.

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