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What is a kick space heater?

What is a kick space heater?

Twin-Flo III® Kickspace Heaters are the space-saving alternative to hot water baseboards and are the ideal solution for hard to heat areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers. Common Installations Include: Foyers / Breezeways. Hallways.

What is a cabinet unit heater?

A cabinet heater is designed to maintain a minimum temperature inside a small enclosure. These devices may be used to heat electronic equipment which cannot be exposed to extreme temperature differences.

Who owns Beacon Morris?

Mestek, Inc.
Our Parent Company Mestek, Inc. was first established in 1946 with our founder making copper finned tube baseboard out of his garage in Westfield, MA. Known today for our experience based innovation; Mestek has grown to become a family of 45 different brands across three highly competitive industries.

What is the quietest Kickspace heater?

Product Overview. The small, compact design of the Quiet One KS2006 kickspace heater fits into tight spaces and hard-to-heat areas. The highly efficient header type coil offers high capacity BTU/hour yield, while the low-noise, low-vibration fan system delivers whisper quiet operation.

How loud is a toe kick heater?

They are quiet (you hear the air noise, but no “squirrel cage” squealing which apparently is common with most kick heaters) and can be hooked up to a switch or not.

How much does it cost to install a toe kick heater?

Cost to install baseboard heating system by type

Type Average cost to install (per unit)
Electric baseboard heater $200 – $1,100
Hydronic baseboard heater (water or oil) $430 – $1,200
Wall heater $370 – $1,200
Toe kick $420 – $1,300

Is a wall heater a unit heater?

Wall heaters are heating units that are installed in or attached directly to a wall. They are most commonly used in studio apartments, compact living spaces and smaller offices, because they generate a good amount of heat suitable for keeping small areas warm, yet don’t take up any valuable floor space.

What is a unit ventilator?

These devices – unit ventilators – can be simple heating and ventilation units operating from a wall thermostat with a manual outdoor air control dial, or they can be expanded with cooling coils, ECM fan motors and sophisticated automatic indoor air quality (IAQ) controls and sensors.

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