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What is a Popplet used for?

What is a Popplet used for?

Popplet is a mind-mapping application and graphic organizer that helps students think and learn visually. With Popplet learners can capture facts, thoughts, ideas in different ways and immediately connect and visualize the relationships between them.

What is the difference between Popplet and Popplet Lite?

Popplet Lite is the free version of the full app described above. Although it doesn’t sport the full range of features, many Popplet users find it more than enough. It still allows users to employ the camera, camera roll, and Apple’s editing tools as well as other Popplet features.

What is Google Popplet?

Popplet is a dynamic organizational tool available on the web or as an app where users create mind maps on a board. Students can use text, drawings, images, or video. To create a popple (a section within a Popplet), students can double-click.

How do you use a Popplet in class?

Using Popplet in the Classroom

  1. type text in the middle of the popple.
  2. use their finger to draw a sketch (or handwrite) with the pencil.
  3. add a photo taken with their camera.
  4. add a photo from their photo library.
  5. colour code and resize each popple.

How can teachers use popplet?

A popular way is to create Popplet Templates, then add the students as collaborators….A true all-rounder, Popplet can be put to work in every part of a lesson:

  1. Lesson Planning and Objectives.
  2. Warm up.
  3. Presentation/Modeling.
  4. Practise.
  5. Checking and Demonstrating learning.
  6. Homework and Further Learning.

How do you share a popplet?

To share the popplet, copy the link, and send it to whoever needs to see it. Your popplet WILL NOT appear in Public Popplets, but remember anyone who has a link will be able to view it, and can share the link.

Who created Popplet?

From the back of the classroom to the frontline of education management, passionate educator and school principal Paul Baez talks about his work journey, Education Technology and Popplet.

Who made Popplet?

Popplet: An App for Social Cognition Jordan Sadler, is a Pediatric Speech-language Pathologist working at Northwestern University. Jordan created two activities in her work with young learners and subsequently published the details in a review of Popplet.

How do you send a Popplet?

How do teachers use popplet?

Popplet Helps Teachers Make Better Lessons

  • Simple, intuitive and effective. The results of using Popplet in the classroom are often immediate and remarkable.
  • Lesson Planning and Objectives.
  • Warm-up.
  • Presentation/Modeling.
  • Practise.
  • Checking and Demonstrating Learning.
  • Homework/Further Learning/Revision.

Is Popplet free for teachers?

Popplet is available on the web, and as an iOS app for the iPad and iPhone. New web users will receive ten popplet boards when they sign up for a free account. Be sure to check out Popplet’s reduced rates for School and Class group subscriptions.

Is Popplet used for mind mapping?

Popplet is a digital mind mapping tool. Students play around with colors, box sizes and type hierarchy. They can insert videos from youtube or add a link from vimeo. Plus, they can insert images within their brainstorm web from their desktop.

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