What is a ProPay card?

What is a ProPay card?

ProPay can enable your business to accept credit cards and handle your ACH processing. ProPay’s payment processing tools and competitive rates give you a quick and convenient way to begin accepting all major credit and debit card brands. ProPay has payment processing solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Is ProPay the same as PayPal?

PayPal and ProPay both provide fairly similar benefits, but have different fees, account requirements and rules about payment. In addition, while PayPal is the more popular choice, ProPay may offer more convenient terms for some businesses.

What is ProPay used for?

What is ProPay? ProPay is a payment processing software designed to help businesses accept credit and debit card payments through mobile devices and credit card readers.

How much does ProPay cost?

Features and Pricing

Mary Kay ProPay Account Details
Feature/Benefit Premium
Processing Fee (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) 2.69% + $0.30 per transaction
Processing Fee (American Express) 3.19% + $0.30 per transaction
Transfer Fee $0.30 per transfer (regardless of amount)

Where can I use my ProPay card?

Use it wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted worldwide or at ATMs to withdrawal funds.

  • No need to bank transfer. Spend funds directly from your ProPay Merchant Account without having to transfer funds to an external bank account.
  • Keep it separated.
  • Spend anywhere.

What bank is ProPay?

ProPay is a wholly owned subsidiary of TSYS (NYSE: TSS) and is a leader in the payment industry. While other companies sponsor and process transactions for Payment Facilitators, this is all too often the only service they deliver.

How long does it take for ProPay to process a payment?

about 2-3 days
A credit card transaction usually takes about 2-3 days to settle in your ProPay Account, but based on your affiliation with ProPay, these funds may be available within 24 hours. You will know that the a transaction has settled when it is reflected in your Available Balance displayed on your Member Home Page.

How long does it take to transfer money from ProPay?

2-4 business days
How long does it take to transfer funds? A funds transfer to a U.S. based checking account will generally be completed in 2-4 business days (depending on the bank to which you are sending the funds).

How do I activate my ProPay card?

There are two ways to activate your card. You can activate directly through your ProPay account or you can call in.

How do I set up a ProPay account?

Sign Up for a ProPay Account

  1. Go to and click on Sign Up Today!
  2. Select your desired ProPay Account.
  3. Fill out the one-page application then click “Submit.”
  4. Pay for your account.
  5. As soon as you receive your account activation e-mail from ProPay, log in to your ProPay Account by going to

How do I get my money from ProPay?

How do I transfer funds from my ProPay account to my bank account?

  1. In the “Transfer Funds From” field select “My ProPay Account”
  2. In the “Transfer Funds To” field select “My Bank Account”
  3. In the “Amount” field enter the amount that you would like to transfer.
  4. Click the “Review Transfer” button.

How do I get ProPay?

Sign up for an account and request a card 0951 or email [email protected]. If you already have a ProPay account and would like to order your ProPay Prepaid Mastercard, log in to your account and click on “ProPay Card” or call 866.573.

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