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What is a sophisticated person?

What is a sophisticated person?

A sophisticated person is intelligent and knows a lot, so that they are able to understand complicated situations. These people are very sophisticated observers of the foreign policy scene. Synonyms: cultured, intelligent More Synonyms of sophisticated.

What is a sophisticated example?

The definition of sophisticated is someone that is intelligently worldly and smart or advanced processes or technology. An example of sophisticated is a jet-setting celebrity who is considered smart and worldly. An example of sophisticated is technology like the personal computer. adjective.

Does sophisticated mean complicated?

If something is sophisticated, it’s complicated and intricate. The inner workings of a computer are sophisticated. Sophisticated can also refer to having good taste. Either way, sophisticated things are impressive.

What is the meaning of sophistication in English?

Definition of sophistication 1a : the use of sophistry : sophistic reasoning. b : sophism, quibble. 2 : the process or result of becoming cultured, knowledgeable, or disillusioned especially : cultivation, urbanity. 3 : the process or result of becoming more complex, developed, or subtle.

Is sophistication a good thing?

Becoming more psychologically sophisticated is no guarantee of emotional wellbeing. But it really helps. When you understand how your mind works with greater sophistication, it becomes much easier to manage difficult moods and emotions in a healthy way.

Is sophisticated positive or negative?

Sophisticated has a positive bias, so you can use that word to imply good things about your project.

Is it good to be sophisticated?

How do you use sophistication?

Sophistication sentence example

  1. The timing, the sophistication , the expertise needed to launch such an attack.
  2. I don’t think Alex is too impressed with sophistication .
  3. If you’re looking for a way to add timeless sophistication to any room in your home, crown molding makes the perfect choice.

What is emotional sophistication?

Emotional sophistication means having a deep understanding of how your emotions actually work. If you want to cultivate a healthier understanding of your emotions, these 6 habits are a good place to start.

How do you use sophisticated?

These are among the most sophisticated weapons in the world.

  1. He’s very suave and sophisticated.
  2. She certainly appeared very sophisticated to me.
  3. He’s transformed from an awkward teenager into a sophisticated young man.
  4. The little we do know about the people who lived here suggests they had a very sophisticated society.

How do you use sophisticated in a sentence?

Sophisticated sentence example

  1. Little did I know that I simply wasn’t sophisticated enough for you.
  2. Into this chaos, Katie had invited her sophisticated brother.
  3. He was accustomed to being around sophisticated people – and she was anything but that.

What is a sophisticated relationship?

In sophisticated relationships, the partners try to listen without defensive but rather with care and understanding more times than not. Couples who do this seem to be more connected and less guarded with each other.

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