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What is AAR channel?

What is AAR channel?

AAR Channel Numbering System The American Association of Railroads has assigned channel numbers to each of 96 radio frequencies in the 160-161 MegaHertz bands. These frequencies are used in the United States and Canada. Channels 7-96 are used in the U.S. for railroad operations.

How can I listen to the railroad radio?

The best way to listen to all railroad communication in your area is with an analog scanner. A railroad scanner is like an AM/FM radio in that it can receive radio signals, but not transmit them. However, a railroad scanner is special because it can pick up unique radio signals that an average AM/FM cannot.

What frequency do trains use?

Most railroads use a set of 97 frequencies between 160 and 162 MHz. Most operations are in “Conventional/Analog” mode, that means they do not usually use trunking, digital or other complicated modes.

What is AAR radio?

AAR stands for: Association of American Railroads. This is an organization comprised of American and Canadian railroads. The band plan they use for radio communications consists of 96 VHF frequencies or ‘channels’. Each channel is spaced by 15 kilohertz. The band begins at 159.810 MHz and ends at 161.565 MHz.

What is the best railroad scanner?

Most railroads are analog conventional (non-digital and non-trunking). These scanners are simple to program and they don’t hurt your wallet. I would recommend one of the two Uniden portable scanners BC75XLT and the BC125AT.

Is there a train scanner app?

Just start Train Catcher app with a single tap, and instantly see when the next trains are, all beautifully colour-coded so you can easily see which are delayed or cancelled.

How do railfans know when a train is coming?

Railroads use what we call line-of-sight communications which means a scanner listener will hear the train crew when they are anywhere from 5 to 10 miles away. Line-of-sight reception is based on the radio transmit power.

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