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What is amd64 ABI?

What is amd64 ABI?

64-bit applications are described using Executable and Linking Format (ELF64), which allows large applications and large address spaces to be described completely.

What is SYSV abi?

The System V Application Binary Interface is a set of specifications that detail calling conventions, object file formats, executable file formats, dynamic linking semantics, and much more for systems that complies with the X/Open Common Application Environment Specification and the System V Interface Definition.

What does cdecl mean in C?

The cdecl (which stands for C declaration) is a calling convention that originates from Microsoft’s compiler for the C programming language and is used by many C compilers for the x86 architecture. In cdecl, subroutine arguments are passed on the stack.

What is XMM register?

XMM registers, instead, are a completely separate registers set, introduced with SSE and still widely used to this day. They are 128 bit wide, with instructions that can treat them as arrays of 64, 32 (integer and floating point),16 or 8 bit (integer only) values. You have 8 of them in 32 bit mode, 16 in 64 bit.

What is callee saved?

Callee saved means that the callee has to save the registers and then restore them at the end of the call because they have the guarantee to the caller of containing the same values after the function returns, and it is possible to restore them, even if they are clobbered at some point during the call.

Is RSP caller saved?

Show activity on this post. From the wikipedia x86 calling convention, it says that for the Microsoft x64 calling convention: The registers RBX, RBP, RDI, RSI, RSP, R12, R13, R14, and R15 are considered nonvolatile (callee-saved).

What is RDI register?

Architectures define a calling convention which dictates where parameters to a function and its return value are stored. In Objective-C, the RDI register is the reference of the calling NSObject , RSI is the Selector, RDX is the first parameter and so on.

What is Stdcall in assembly language?

STDCALL functions are name-decorated with a leading underscore, followed by an @, and then the number (in bytes) of arguments passed on the stack. This number will always be a multiple of 4, on a 32-bit aligned machine.

How are parameters passed in x86?

On x86-64 Linux, the first six function arguments are passed in registers %rdi , %rsi , %rdx , %rcx , %r8 , and %r9 , respectively. The seventh and subsequent arguments are passed on the stack, about which more below. The return value is passed in register %rax .

What does XMM mean?

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